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Autumn Kamchatka

Trekking in autumn Kamchatka

The summer has flown by, "Golden Autumn" has come. Who could not rest in the summer, or who like to relax in the autumn, we invite you to our fabulous autumn tour of Kamchatka

Autumn is the ideal time to travel to Kamchatka. It is enough to leave the city, and you are on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, or at the foot of an active volcano, or relaxing in a hot spring. It's all located nearby. Even volcanoes are domestic. It is still warm enough outside, but insects are no longer disturbed, and wild berries have ripened underfoot. Bears have already grown fat for winter and are not dangerous. And the slopes of the hills are painted in bright reddish-red

Tour type:
Hiking and trekking
Number of participants:
From 6 people
Maximum height:
2751 m
Start of the program:
Finish program:
12 days
500 USD

Day 1

The beginning of the adventure. Meeting the participants at the airport, picking up the luggage and immediately starting the journey. For tourists who arrive before 14:00, we will begin our acquaintance with Kamchatka from the Pacific coast. We will have lunch on the black volcanic sand, meet and discuss our upcoming trip. Then we will go to the city and spend the night in the hostel. Day travel - 110 km.

Day 2

Wake up early, breakfast. We are heading to the village of Pinachevo. At the edge of the village is the entrance to the natural park Nalychevo, through which we will walk. In the evening we will arrive at the Semenovsky cordon, which consists of several houses for tourists. Overnight in a tent or a house, if it is free. Day travel - 50 km. Day trip - 18 km.

Day 3

We had a good rest, got up unhurriedly, had breakfast and prepared our things for the journey. Today we have to overcome our first non-category pass - Pinachevsky (1100 m), from which a view of the entire Nalychevo valley opens. In the evening we will reach the Central cordon, located near the hot springs. We will check into comfortable tourist houses and go swimming in the hot springs. Day trip - 20 km.

Day 4

Today we will have an excursion around the Central cordon. We will visit Griffon Ivanova - a well 200 meters deep, filled with thermal water, and the thermal area Kotel with its multi-colored limestone outcrops. We swim in hot springs near the Nalychevo River. After lunch, we will set off to the Talovsky hot springs. On the way, we will visit the local history springs located not far from the trail. In the evening we will set up a tent camp and rest in the springs. Overnight in tents. Day trip - 11 km.

Day 5

We get up early in the morning !!! After breakfast leave light without backpacks to the side of the volcano Dzendzur. At the foot of this active volcano, you can see with your own eyes the inner power of nature: fumarole fields with numerous outlets of gas, sulfur deposits and hot springs. The road to the fumarole field will pass along the bed of a dried-up river and will take all day. The fumarole site offers an excellent view of the Domashnye Volcanoes. In the evening we will return to the camp and relax in the hot springs. Overnight in tents. Day trip - 22 km.

Day 6

Today is a relaxed day. We get up unhurriedly, have breakfast, prepare our things for the journey and start our route in the opposite direction to the Central cordon of the Nalychevo valley. After lunch we will go to relax in the hot springs. Overnight in tourist houses. Day trip - 11 km.

Day 7

We continue to relax and enjoy nature. We have a leisurely breakfast and begin our journey towards Avachinsky volcano. We leave the Central cordon and go through a birch forest to the Shumnaya river. For lunch we will stop at the Aagsky mineral springs. In the evening we will set up a camp near a waterfall on the Shumnaya River. Overnight in tents. Day trip - 12 km.

Day 8

Today we will pass the second half of the way towards Avachinsky pass. On this day, the forest will be left behind, we will come close to the Koryaksky volcano. Its height is very easy to remember - 3456 meters. We will rise for the night near a small stream. Overnight in tents. Day trip - 15 km.

Day 9

Well, finally, here is the Avachinsky pass. It is located between two volcanoes. The path will pass through fields of volcanic slag. After lunch we will overcome the pass (1100 meters), go around Verblyud Mountain and camp at the foot of the Avachinsky volcano. This is the kingdom of the Berengian ground squirrels - evrazheks. They are not at all afraid of people and constantly beg for food from tourists. Overnight in tents. Day trip - 15 km.

Day 10

Yes, Yes ... there is an early breakfast again today. Today we need to climb Avachinsky volcano. The ascent is light and usually takes 6-7 hours. We have to climb to a height of 2751 meters, walk along the crater of an active volcano and bask in the lava plug of the 1991 eruption. Descent on fine slag is easier and usually takes 3 hours. We will return to the camp late in the evening. Overnight in tents. Day trip - 16 km.

Day 11

If you think that today will be up early and we will go again - ?? km, then you are wrong. Today, after breakfast, we pack our things and load into the car. Yes, Yes, a car that will come specially for us! We are heading to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. After checking into the hostel, those who wish can go to the only museum of volcanism in Russia - the Volcanarium. In the evening we will celebrate our return at one of the city's restaurants. Overnight at the hostel. Day travel - 50 km.

Day 12

Oh no! Not that .. Unfortunately, today is the day of departure from Kamchatka. In the morning we will visit the fish market, where we will tell you which caviar and red fish are best to bring to your friends.

Attention! During the trip, the group leader can make changes to the tour program. It depends on the weather conditions and the physical condition of the participants.

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - Nalychevo natural park (Semenovsky cordon) - Pinachevo pass (1100 m) - Central cordon - Talovskie hot springs - Dzendzur volcano - Central cordon - Shumnaya river (Aagsky mineral springs) - Koryaksky volcano - Avachinsky pass (1100 m) - Verblyud mountain - Avachinsky volcano (2751 m) - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

The cost of a package of services - from 38500 rubles of the Russian Federation * (USD / RRF rate = 77)
* number of participants - from 6 people
* Payment is made in Russian rubles

The tour price includes:

  • taxi airport - hotel - airport (in case of arrival and departure with the main group)
  • work of certified instructors
  • all movements in Kamchatka within the hike
  • accommodation in a hostel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky at arrival and at the exit from the route
  • accommodation in houses in the Nalychevo park
  • meals on the pedestrian part of the route
  • group equipment: tents, boilers, gas burners (rent of personal equipment is paid separately)
  • medical insurance
  • group means of protection against bears
  • permits to visit the natural park
  • satellite phone on route
  • group first aid kit

The tour price does not include

  • expenses related to accommodation and transportation outside the hike
  • personal equipment
  • breakfast and dinner at the hostel
  • food in a cafe

In autumn we will go to the most comfortable place in Kamchatka. Located just 50 kilometers from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the Nalychevo Valley is ideal for outdoor activities. Surrounded on all sides by volcanoes, the valley is famous for its hot springs and convenient trails. It is especially popular in autumn, when it is so pleasant to soak up the hot tub after a day's transition.

What awaits you:

  • 10 days hiking in autumn Kamchatka
  • walk along the Pacific Ocean
  • climbing Avachinsky volcano
  • wild hot springs
  • observation of volcanic activity
  • overnight stays in the open air and in tourist houses

List of necessary personal equipment:

1. Equipment:

  • Backpack for 60-70 liters.
  • Travel mat (can be rented)
  • Sleeping bag, with comfort temperature (t comf.) In the range 0 - +5 gr. (can be rented)
  • Trekking poles

2. Personal items:

a) clothes: summer in Kamchatka is not hot. In addition, the proximity of the ocean makes the climate humid and rainy. Do not forget the warm jacket, preferably on synthetic insulation.

  • Warm jacket with a hood (preferably on synthetic insulation)
  • Cap
  • Tracking pants
  • waterproof pants
  • The jacket is windproof and waterproof (preferably a membrane, a poncho may come up)
  • Fleece jacket
  • Set of thermal underwear (top and bottom, preferably with a wool content)
  • T-shirts (3-4 pcs, not hb)
  • Woolen socks (1 pair)
  • Tracking socks (2 pairs minimum)
  • Underwear
  • Sun hat (a buff would do)
  • Warm fleece or wool gloves
  • A set of clothes for sleeping (a set of thin thermal underwear)

b) Shoes:

  • Trekking boots (high, with ankle support and non-slip soles)
  • Interchangeable camp shoes (Crocs sandals or sneakers are suitable)

c) Important little things:

  • Swimsuit or swimming trunks
  • Microfiber towel
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Sunscreen
  • Individual set of dishes (mug, plate, fork, spoon)
  • Headlamp with replaceable batteries
  • Sunglasses
  • Tourist Seat (hoba)
  • Individual first aid kit
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