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Climbing Achishkho. Russia

Climbing Achishkho

For many residents of the Sochi region, Mount Achishkho is one of the favorite peaks for hiking and climbing in the vicinity of Krasnaya Polyana!


Tour type:
Expeditions and ascents
From the South
Number of participants:
From 4 to 12 people
Maximum height:
2391 m
June - August
Start of the program:
Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi)
Finish program:
Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi)
3 days
115 USD
Tours dates
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Day 1
Arrival in the village of Krasnaya Polyana.
9.00 - group gathering: station square, Rosa Khutor railway station. Acquaintance with the guide. Getting food, group equipment. Transfer Rosa Khutor - the foot of the Achishkho Range. We climb a ridge along a wide path among a fir forest. The trail to Achishkho starts from the weather station and passes along the tip of the ridge. There are deep abysses on either side of the trail. A waterfall falls from a steep wall of a plumb line, which gives rise to the Acipse River. Lunch. Transfer to Achipsa Falls. Overnight on the ridge overlooking the city of Chugush ..

Day 2
Radial access to the top of Mount Achishkho (2391m). You walk along the ridge above the clouds, climb to the top, the maximum point of the mountain is 2391 m, ride on a snowfield. Even on the hottest day, snow lies in the northern circuses of Achishkho. Dinner. Overnight on the shore of a beautiful mountain lake.

Day 3
Early rise. Return to civilization. On the way we inspect the lakes of the Achishkho ridge. We admire the cleaved Pine and admire the nature of the Caucasian reserve. At the foot of the mountain we examine the dolmen complex.

Krasnaya Polyana settlement - Achishkho ridge - Achipsa waterfalls - climbing Achishkho (2391m) - Krasnaya Polyana settlement

Route Specifications

  • The total length of the route is 23.67 km
  • Total climb - 1720 m
  • Mark the beginning of the route - 720 m
  • Ma
  • rk the end of the route - 460 m

The cost of a package of services - from 8700.00 Russian rubles * (USD / RRF rate = 77)

* Payment is made in Russian rubles !!!

* For a group of 4 people or more

The cost of a package of services - from 26100.00 Russian rubles **

** With a group of 1-3 people


  • meeting at the station
  • transfer to the foot of Mount Achishkho
  • Stay in the reserve, national park and border zone.
  • rental of group equipment (burners, gas, cooking boilers, tents, first-aid kit)
  • instructor work
  • food on the route
  • insurance

What is included in group public equipment
Tents, main ropes, communications, gas cylinders or gasoline, burners, first-aid kit, cooking utensils, etc.

Not included:

  • additional excursions
  • transfers outside the program


Brief information on the area
Achishkho (Adyghe Goat Mountain) is a mountain range in the Western Caucasus, located in the Krasnodar Territory of the Russian Federation. Altitude up to 2391 m. The landscapes of the Achishkho ridge are characterized by ancient glacial landforms and ridge lakes (including karst). On the slopes there is a cascading Achipsinsky (in the upper reaches of the Achips river) waterfall. The ridge is located in a zone of humid climate - the annual rainfall is up to 3200 mm, the largest in Russia. The thickness of the stable snow cover reaches 4.8 m. The number of sunny days does not exceed 60–70 days a year.
Achishkho surprisingly harmoniously combines lush alpine and subalpine forbs, emerald green of beech forests, blue lakes covered with duckweed swamp vegetation. In summer, meadows are covered with a carpet of primroses, hyacinths and fancy white snowdrops with long, elaborately bent petals.

Requirements for Participants

  • To participate in the tour requires a good physical shape, lack of medical contraindications for mountain hiking
  • Group size from 4 to 12 people
  • Minimum age of participants 12 years
  • Only children under 14 years old are allowed on the route

Additional information

  • The host office has the right to change the route according to weather conditions and the condition of the group
  • The price does not include: additional excursions, transfers outside the program, environmental fees, etc. It is possible to provide additional services by prior arrangement: transfer: airport (railway station) - hotel; rental of personal equipment; hotel reservation; organization of leisure on the Black Sea.

Take with you:

  • warm jacket;
  • ski cap;
  • fleece gloves;
  • shoe covers on legs;
  • waterproof windproof jacket and trousers;
  • tracksuit;
  • sleeping bag;
  • polyurethane foam mat;
  • trekking shoes;
  • interchangeable shoes for ford and camp (sneakers);
  • backpack 80-100l; a seater;
  • trekking poles or ice ax;
  • rain cape on yourself and on a backpack;
  • sun protection: panama, cream, glasses;
  • work gloves;
  • mug, spoon, bowl, knife (KLMN);
  • thermos and flask for water with a total volume of 2 l .;
  • headlamp (spare batteries);
  • individual first-aid kit
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