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Hike in the area of Arkhyz. Russia

Hike in the area of Arkhyz

Sofia lakes, numerous rivers and streams. Wow! What a beautiful mountain! And that's all on our one tour. The trip takes place in the area of Arkhyz and is designed for beginners and experienced tourists. Includes an initial tourist training course.


Tour type:
Hiking and trekking
Arkhyz District
Number of participants:
From 4 to 12 people
Maximum height:
3022 m
June - September
Start of the program:
Finish program:
9 days
290 USD
Tours dates
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Exclusive tour

Day 1
Arrival in Nevinnomyssk. Accommodation at the Kuban Hotel - 2x, 3x local rooms with private facilities. Acquaintance with a guide and a group. Safety training on the route. Getting food, group equipment. Excursion to the museum of local lore. Acquaintance with the history of the Stavropol Territory and the city of Nevinnomyssk - an ancient Cossack vodka.

Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer Nevinnomyssk - Arkhyz. On the way we visit the ancient Allan settlement - the Lower Arkhyz fort (Arkhyz fort) - an archaeological site of the 10th-12th centuries, the remains of a large Alan city in the Russian North Caucasus. Exit to the route. The daily length of the route is 11.6 km. Overnight at a mountain river at an altitude of 2400 m. We learn to set up tents, make a fire and cook in the field.

Day 3
Ascent to the alpine zone to Lake Semitsvetnoy. The water in the lake is of seven different colors, silvering with glare, playing in the sun. Lunch on the lake. Swimming. Sunbathing. We admire nature, mountains and ourselves. We rise to the Ayyulyu pass (1A, 2874). Overnight in the alpine zone at the very stars. The Psysh and Sophia rivers lie beneath our palm, the Dukka is bubbling below. The mountains are fascinating. On the way we admire the waterfalls. We practice the technique of walking on snowfields. Overnight at the saddle of the pass. Here you can reach the stars by hand. Daily route length - 11.6 km

Day 4
Descent into the valley of the Pshish river along birch groves, streams flowing from the slopes and tall pines. Be sure to check out the waterfall - the left tributary of the Pshish River. We cross the stream and set up a camp on a cozy meadow at an altitude of 1900 m. The long-awaited bonfire. Get-togethers, talkers, stories and first impressions. Checking documents at the frontier post. Do not forget the passport route. Daily route - 6.0 km

Day 5
We cross the Pshish river and climb to the Karadzhash pass (2960 m). We go down for the night to a beautiful lake with green water at an altitude of 2554 m. It reflects the snowy peak of Nadezhda.
Trying to make a fire. We sing songs, admire the stars, swim in the lake. Daily route - 7.8 km

Day 6
A little more, a little more, and we are on the Karajash or Black Prince pass (1A, 3022 m). The green slopes of Arkhyz are filled with life. Running around tours, chamois and mountain goats. Light ripples are excited on the surface of Crater Lake, and below is a wonderful lake - Zapyataya. Another pass Irkiz (1A, 2871 m), a small passage and we are on the Sofia Lakes (2100 m). The blue water of the lakes is surprising. Swimming. Have a rest. We don’t do anything. Half day. Learning to walk along scree and grassy slopes. Daily route length -7 km

Day 7
Descent to the Sofia river valley. We leave on the Sofia glade. People! Hurray! Civilization! Khichiny, Ayran and many "cultural" goodies. We set up camp. Have a rest. Without backpacks, we’ll go easy to see Sofia waterfalls and an ice farm. Return to the camp at an altitude of 1650 m. Dinner. Campfire gatherings. guitar songs. Daily route - 8.7 km

Day 8
We go down to the village of Arkhyz along the Sofia valley. On the way we visit the memorial and pay tribute to the heroes of the Second World War. Hotel accommodation in the village (rooms without amenities).

Day 9
Breakfast. Parting. Departure. See you soon!

Arkhyz - Rechepsta valley - Dukka river valley - Semitsvetnoye lake - Ayuyu pass (1A, 2874) - Belaya river valley - Pysysh river valley - Crater lake - Karatash pass (1A, 3022 m) - Sofia Lakes (2100 m) - Irkiz pass  (1A, 2871 m) - Ak-Ayra river valley - Sofia river valley - Sofia waterfalls - Arkhyz  

The cost of a package of services - from 22500.00 Russian rubles * (USD / RRF rate = 77)

* Payment is made in Russian rubles !!!

* For a group of 4 people or more

The cost of a package of services - from 76500.00 Russian rubles **

** With a group of 1-3 people


  • hotel accommodation in Nevinnomyssk (rooms with private facilities); hotel accommodation in Arkhyz (rooms without amenities)
  • transfer Nevinnomyssk - Arkhyz
  • excursion to the museum of local lore of the city of Nevinnomyssk
  • excursion to the rock Arkhyz face
  • food on the route
  • group equipment rental
  • instructor services
  • insurance

Not included:

  • additional excursions
  • transfers outside the program


Brief information on the area

The real treasure of Arkhyz is the high mountain lakes. It is as if various forms of stone bowls filled with turquoise clear water. Around the harsh rocks and snowfields, mesmerizing silence! There are more than 75 lakes in the Arkhiz area. All of them are of glacial origin and are located at an altitude of 2200 to 2800 meters above sea level. They lie, as a rule, in mountain circuses on the northern slopes. The higher, the deeper and more. For a long time, the ice surface hides the lake, often ice floes on the surface of the lakes all summer, posing as small icebergs.

Nevinnomyssk is a city in the Stavropol Territory of Russia. Forms the urban district of the city of Nevinnomyssk. Large transport hub in the south of Russia.

Arkhyz  is a village in Zelenchuksky district of Karachay-Cherkessia. The administrative center of the Arkhyz rural settlement. Located in the Great Zelenchuk basin. The village is located at the bottom of a large hollow and on river terraces (1450-1500 m). Developed tourist and ski area. In recent years, the village has been developing. Ski resorts and camp sites are being built. The area is popular with tourists for the ease of routes and the beauty of the gorges. For many tourists, the biography of the “hiker” began precisely on the slopes of the Arkhyz mountains.

  • The total length of the route is 100 km
  • Total climb - 2474 m
  • Mark the beginning of the route - 1700 m
  • Mark the end of the route - 1650 m

What is included in group public equipment
Tents, main ropes, communications, gas cylinders or gasoline, burners, a first-aid kit, cooking utensils, etc.

Take with you:

  • warm jacket or fleece jacket for the season;
  • ski cap;
  • fleece gloves;
  • waterproof and windproof jacket and trousers;
  • tracksuit;
  • sleeping bag;
  • polyurethane foam mat;
  • trekking shoes;
  • shoe covers (flashlights) on the legs;
  • interchangeable shoes for ford and camp (sneakers);
  • backpack 80-100l;
  • a seater;
  • trekking poles or ice ax ;;
  • rain cape on yourself and on a backpack;
  • sun protection: panama, cream, glasses;
  • work gloves;
  • mug, spoon, bowl, knife (KLMN);
  • thermos or flask for water with a total volume of 1 l .;
  • headlamp (spare batteries);
  • individual first-aid kit.
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