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Uganda - the first meeting. We plan your trip correctly.

Everyone knows that in Tanzania there is the highest mountain in Africa - Kilimanjaro, whose height is 5895 meters. Climbing Kilimanjaro is much promoted and put on stream, it is a comfortable, trekking ascent without the use of technical means. At the same time, many do not know that in neighboring countries bordering Tanzania, there are 2 more peaks higher than 5000 meters.

In Kenya, to the northeast of Tanzania, there is the eponymous mountain Kenya, with a height of 5199 m. This is the second highest peak in Africa, and the ascent to the main peak itself is rocky and quite technically difficult.

And in Uganda, to the northeast of Tanzania, there are the so-called mountains of the moon or, in other words, Ruwenzori (Rwenzori). Here is the third highest peak in Africa - Mount Stanley, the highest point of which is Margherita Peak, 5109 m. Climbing this peak is very interesting, in the upper part it is snow, ice and rocks.

So let's get to know Uganda.

We immediately draw your attention to the fact that in order to come to Uganda you need:

  • Medical vaccinations. All persons arriving in the Republic of Uganda MUST carry a valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Card.

Vaccinations are also recommended: hepatitis A and B, meningitis, tetanus, polio and typhoid. Due to the close proximity to wild animals, vaccination against rabies is recommended. You can find more information on the websites of the Embassy or Consulate of Uganda in your country, as well as on the pages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country.

You must have a yellow fever vaccination card

  • A visa to Uganda is issued in advance (recommended) on the website - https://visas.immigration.go.ug/ or upon arrival at the airport.

Electronic visa

  • For many, mosquito repellents will not be superfluous. Even on weather websites there is such information - Weather conditions ensure low mosquito activity. 86° / 62°.

Attention, mosquitoes!!!

Well, these are all such little things compared to the beauties and impressions that

you will get in hospitable Uganda!

Uganda is a country in East Africa surrounded by countries: in the north with South Sudan, in the west with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the south with Rwanda and Tanzania, in the east with Kenya. The capital of the country is the city of Kampala, where the main air gate is located - Entebbe International Airport.

The equatorial line runs through the southern part of the country. You can visit the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

In Uganda, as noted earlier, the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains are located. And here is a large freshwater lake Victoria and 10 National parks. Here is some of them:

  • The Rwenzori Mountains National Park is located in southwestern Uganda. The third highest peak in Africa (Peak Margherita, 5109 m) is located on the territory of the park.
  • Mount Elgon National Park - The Elgon volcanic massif has 5 peaks above 4 thousand meters
  • The Mgahinga and Bwindi Gorilla National Parks are located in southwestern Uganda. They are famous for mountain gorillas. These are the largest great apes. There are also volcanoes in the park: Sabinho (3669 m), Gahinga (3473 m) and Mukhabura (4127 m).
  • Murchison Falls National Park (Kabalega) is famous for the beautiful waterfall of the same name in the lower reaches of the Victoria Nile River in Uganda, located 32 km east of Lake Mobutu Sese Seko.

Information note, in Uganda:

  • 854 Named Mountains, 736 Cultural Sites, 5 Dominant Religions, 506 Central Forest Reserves, 165 Lakes, 7975 Elephants, 459 Mountain Gorillas, 5072 Chimpanzees, 008 Major Rivers, 014 Water Falls, 1090 Confirmed Bird Species
  • there is a Railway built by the former British State Railway Company. The line links Uganda and Kenya with the Indian Ocean port of Mombasa in Kenya.
  • For cash payments, Uganda only accepts USD/EUR/GBP new notes for the years from 2010 to date
  • Also, only notes without holes, tear, ink, scratch and dirt are accepted in Uganda for cash payments.


  • Buy a local simcard on arrival. Most palces in Uganda have Wifi but it’s mostly slow or not working, the reason you need a local simcard to access internet and also communicate easily. A local simcard goes for maximumly $1.5 dollars or less.
  • Local food. There is plenty of tasty local food in Uganda that you may not wish to miss out. Also a must try is the Ugandan ROLEX, this is not a watch but chapati with rolled scrambled eggs.


  • Unlike Mount Kilimanjaro, you will be required to use technical climbing equipment like crampons, ropes, harness, ice axe, carabinas, ice screws, gaiters, trekking poles, Ascenders (Jumars), helmets, etc
  • Belaying
  • Rock climbing
  • You need to be able to climb and descend for 4 to 8 hours over steep sections and some open crevaces.
  • The Rwenzori mountains are very boggy and expect mud on a couple days or more while trekking, gaiters, rubber boots, trekking poles come in handy to help you pass through easily.
  • The Rwenzori mountains are the most technical mountain in East Africa yet they have a 99% summit rate even for first time climbers.

Those who are only interested in climbing Margherita Peak, you should go to the city of Kasese, which is located in the Western part of Uganda and is the administrative center. It is located at an altitude of 959 meters above sea level. The population is about 100 thousand people. The city has a modern international airport. There are national parks near the city: Rwenzori mountains national park and Queen Elizabeth national park, as well as the famous Mahoma Falls, etc.

So, we get acquainted with the National Park - Rwenzori Mountains (Mark 10 on the map). Just note that there is no independent entrance here! You go, like on Kilimanjaro, accompanied by local guides, porters, chefs.

Tours and walks are possible here:

  • walk to Mahoma Lake (3000 m), (1-3 days)
  • walk to John Matte's hut (3505 m), (3 days)
  • Walk to Lake Bujuku in Bujuku valley (3962 m), (4 days)


  • Mount Speke along the Central Circuit trail (5 days)
  • Weismanns peak (6 days)
  • Moon mountains along the Central ring, (6 days)
  • Moon mountains along the Bukurungu route, (7 days). This is the newest route opened in 2018.
  • Moon mountains along the Kilembe route, (7 days)

This is a very exciting and educational trekking. The highest point of all these routes is the Helena Hut, 4541 m. Here you will admire the beautiful mountain peaks: Stanley (Margherita Peak, 5109 m), Baker (4843 m), Speke (4890 m), Luigi di Savoia (4627 m), Gessi (4715 m) and Emin (4798 m); pass through the passes, admire the deep gorges, lakes, swamps, vegetation. You will have an unforgettable experience.

For mountaineering, you are offered several options (you can order any combination):

  • Margherita peak (Mount Stanley, 5109 m), (7(8) days)
  • Speke peak (4890 m), (7(8) days)
  • Baker peak (4843 m), (7(8) days)
  • peaks: Margherita, Speke and Baker, (9(11) days)
  • Weismann peak (4620 m), (8 (9) days)
  • Luigi di Savoia peak (4627 m), (8 (9) days)
  • Stella peak (4626 m), (8(9) days)

If you think that everything is so simple here, then you are mistaken. We note right away that if for some reason (we think you guessed it) you did not manage to climb Margarita Peak, even in this case you will have an unforgettable experience and will have a reason to return to this country.

For more information about climbing in Uganda, see below.

Who is already interested, watch our programs in Uganda and ask questions!!!

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  • Trekking and walking - View

Since, for many people, a trip to Uganda is a rather long journey, and accordingly, it does not make sense to go here only for climbing. Therefore, we recommend that you plan your train in advance and choose interesting places for your trip.

And here there is something to choose (see the marks on the map):
1. Kampala City, Entebbe International Airport
2. City of Jinja - full white water rafting at the source of the Nile River, (+1 day)
3. Mount Elgon National Park (Elgon Volcanic Massif has 5 peaks above 4 thousand meters) and Sipi Falls: a series of three waterfalls,
the main 100-meter waterfall, (+1 day)
4. Kidepo Valley National Park, safari tour, (+ 3 days)
5. Ziva Rhino Orphanage, (+1 day)
6. Murchison Falls National Park: safari, climb to Cabarega Falls, boat trip to Cabarega Falls, (+2(3) days)
7. Nkuruba Reserve: Mahoma Waterfall and Nkuruba Lake, (+1 day)
8. City of Fort Portal, Kibal National Park (+1 day)
9. Semliki National Park, Sempaya Hot Springs, (+1 day)
11. City of Kasese
12. Queen Elizabeth National Park: safari, tree-climbing lion site, canal boat trip, (+1(3) days)
13. Virunga Mountains, trek to Muhavura crater, one of the Virunga mountain ranges in Uganda, (+1(2) days)
14. Lake Mburo National Park, (+2 days)
15. Kibal National Park, safari, chimpanzee watching, (+2(3) days)
13. Bwindi National Park (impenetrable forest, the famous largest great apes - mountain gorillas.
There are also volcanoes on the territory of the park: Sabinyo (3669 m), Gahinga (3473 m) and Mukhabura (4127 m)) and on Lake Bunioni, (+3 (4) days)

Here is a handy map of the location of these places!!!

See photo review below!

Including these places in your travel itinerary depends heavily on logistics (tour cost) and the main purpose of your trip.

As a rule, the programs of participants are divided into 3 types:

  • purely excursion, with small transfers between National parks with accommodation in 1 place 2-3 nights (you will have radial trips and walks),
  • active rest, when groups include activities in their program (rafting, trekking, etc.),
  • and then after that they add rest in the National Parks,
  • extreme (two types), purely climbing or climbing with further rest in the National Parks.

We are ready to organize your trip for every taste! Write to us what you want, and we will offer and send to your address very quickly, thanks to our office in Uganda, a detailed program, taking into account the latest news.

We are ready to conduct tours in Uganda all year round.  

Our office is open 24/7/365 days a year.


In any case, to get the most out of your trip to Uganda, you need to know the weather information for Uganda, seasonality of the tours (this is especially important on climbs), because there are rainy seasons here!!

So, in Uganda, summer is all year round, here the climate is equatorial, which means that it is warm during the day (sometimes hot) and cool at night.
There are 2 rainy seasons:

  • the so-called high rainy season, the period starts from March and ends in May (as a rule, with a peak from mid-April to mid-May),
  • the second season is September - October, it is not so rainy and therefore it is often called the season of small rains.

So the best time to be in the mountains and in parks where you have to walk on trails (gorilla park), are the periods November - February and June - August. The peak of excursion activity in Uganda falls on July - August !!

Well, we figured out the weather, set goals, what's next?

And now in more detail about climbing and trekking in the Rwenzori mountains. There are five routes for trekking and climbing. You read this above, here you can read detailed descriptions - read climbing, read trekking

All 3 routes (for climbing Margarita Peak) are very beautiful, they start from different places, and intersect at the top.

  • The most comfortable and shortest route with accommodation in huts - Central.
  • The other two routes are longer and you can spend the night in huts and tents while trekking.

The choice is yours.

If you want to climb Margherita Peak and other peaks during the tour, pay attention to:

  • in standard programs there is no reserve day in case of bad weather or poor health of the participant (s),
  • in the program of climbing several peaks, only the ascent to Margherita Peak is provided, and only the approach to the rest of the peaks. If you want to climb, it must be discussed downstairs before the start of the tour.
  • Climbing Margherita Peak - technical. You will have snow, ice and wet rocks.

You must be able to use the jumper and descender, walk in a bundle and move along the railing.

And here is the promised selection of photos from Uganda.


Rafting on the Nile

Sipi Waterfall + Murchison!!!

Lake Mahoma and others

Sempaya Hot Springs

Ziva Rhino Orphanage

Gorilla Park, security is required!!!

National parks: Queen Elizabeth, Virungo, Rvetira, boat, plane

Animal world


Meals on the mountain route

Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Registration, Safety, Pointers

Trail start

Middle of the trail

Top of the trail


Peak Margherita in different weather

View from Margarita Peak to Speke Peak

We are always glad to see you in Uganda! Come.

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