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First aid kit for trekking, hiking, climbing

What kind of first-aid kit should it be in the mountains: universal, ordinary home, individual, group or specialized?

Equipment for the mountains

What personal equipment to take with you on trekking, hiking or climbing? What is included in the group equipment? Everything is very simple. Reading and making your list

Clothes and shoes to the mountains

What clothes and shoes to take with you on trekking, hiking or climbing? Everything is very simple. Reading and making your list

Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan - acquaintance

A detailed article about climbing, trekking and outdoor activities in Nepal. How and what permissions need to be obtained. Open peaks of Nepal. Popular peaks and destinations for trekking, helicopter tours and excursions. Brief information about the best tours to Tibet and Bhutan.

Discover Uganda

This hospitable country, located on the equator, is ready to welcome you all year round. It has everything, almost everything (there is no sea or ocean). Beautiful mountains (snowy peaks and volcanoes), which offer you climbing, trekking, walking. Many national parks, forests, lakes, rivers, thermal springs. The diversity of the animal world: gorillas and chimpanzees, rhinos, lions and other species. You will definitely have an unforgettable experience!

Adventures in Peru, what you need to know

Wonderful and unique country of Peru. Everything is here! Almost all. And you should definitely visit here. Unique mountains, in which there are many interesting peaks, both technically complex and easy, panoramic. High mountain trekking with beautiful lagoons and unique nature. And there is also a History associated with the Inca civilization, as well as the Amazon!

Peru, Colombia, Ecuador - Hot Three

3 countries that have a lot in common: history, the ocean, the Andes, the Amazon, etc. One is already warm, and the other is cool. If you are already going to South America, then you need to visit these three countries at once. You will not regret it!

Climbing Kilimanjaro - choose a route

Kilimanjaro (5895 m) is the highest point on the African continent. The "Crown of Tanzania" - the so-called Kilimanjaro - covered with a snow cap on top and rising above the flat plains has become a real symbol of the country. And also: Safari, Zanzibar, other interesting places and PHOTOS

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