Mountain resorts of Georgia, a short look

Ski resorts in Georgia

Ski resorts in Georgia are successfully located throughout the country. Closest to the capital, to the north of it, is the Gudauri resort - the most popular and largest. To the northwest, in the high mountains of Svaneti, are the recently created resorts of Tetnuldi and Hatsvali, and to the south of all, almost in the center of Georgia, not far from Borjomi, is the oldest Georgian ski resort, Bakuriani.

The skiing season in Georgia lasts from mid-December to early April. The weather is usually sunny and windless. A variety of interesting tracks for both beginners and experienced athletes. Freeride and heli-ski lovers should go to Georgia.


Gudauri is a rapidly developing popular ski resort located at altitudes from 2000 to 3000 m (1990 m - the height of the lower lift, 2993 m - the height of the upper lift) in which the skiing season lasts from mid-December to May. A wonderful place for lovers of freeride (deep snow, no stones), backcountry, heli-skiing.

You can stay in numerous hotels, hostels and guesthouses, which are located right at the ski lifts or a little further away.

Ski tours in Gudauri with

  • Tbilisi-Gudauri: 120 km
  • Kutaisi-Gudauri: 295 km
  • Vladikavkaz-Gudauri: 80 km
Main characteristics:
  • Number of tracks: 22
  • Length of slopes: 50 km
  • Trails for amateurs - 80%
  • Trails for professionals - 20%
  • Freeride
  • Backcountry, heli-ski
  • First stage: "Pirveli" 1989-2147m - 6 seats (with snow cannons and evening lighting),
  • Second stage: "Soliko" 2145–2688 m - 6 seats
  • "Kudebi I" 2688–2803 m — 3 chairs
  • "Kudebi II" 2665–2993 m - 6 seats
  • "Snow Park" 2720-2842 m - 3 chairs
  • "Sadzele" 2795–3276 m, (to the top of Sadzele) - 4 chairs
  • "Shino" 2186–2724 m - 6 seats
  • Training slope "Zuma" 2151–2210 m rope tow
  • "Alpina" 2300–2320 m rope tow
  • "Bombora" 2740–2780 m rope tow
  • "Baby" 2724–2726 m rope tow
  • "Gudaura" 2177–2724 m, gondola 10 people
  • Kobi-Gudauri I 2701–2946 m, gondola 10 people
  • Kobi-Gudauri II 2510–2945 m, gondola 10 people
  • Kobi-Gudauri III 2512–2973 m, gondola 10 people


Tetnuldi is a young, developing ski resort, which is located on the town of the same name Tetnuldi (4852 m). It is located in one of the highest mountainous regions of Georgia - Svaneti, near the village. Mestia, at altitudes from 1600 to 3600 m. The skiing season is from December to May.

Getting to this resort is not so easy, but all the efforts are worth it! There are not a huge number of tourists, congestion of the routes. This will allow you to completely surrender to your emotions, admire the incredibly beautiful mountain landscapes around. Fans of freeride will especially like this resort.

While it is not possible to rent accommodation near the ski lifts, so all skiers stay in hotels, guesthouses and hostels in the village. Mestia.

Note! Living in the village Mestia, you can combine skiing at the two resorts of Tetnuldi and Hatsvali.

Ski tours to Tetnuldi resort with

How to get to Mestia:

From Tbilisi:

  • Tbilisi-Mestia plane. There are direct flights with Vanilla Sky in small aircraft (capacity 17 passengers). You can book and buy tickets on the official website of the airline. There is also an up-to-date flight schedule.
  • Minibus Tbilisi-Mestia departs from the railway station (9 hours on the way)
  • Private transfer (this option is suitable for a large company)

From Batumi:

  • Minibus Batumi-Mestia departs from the bus station (6 hours on the way)
  • Private transfer (this option is suitable for a large company)

From Kutaisi:

  • Kutaisi-Mestia bus departs from the airport (5 hours on the way)
  • Minibus Kutaisi-Mestia from the central bus station

From Zugdidi:

  • Minibus from the railway station (departure in the morning before 11.00)
  • Private transfer (this option is suitable for a large company)

The Tetnuldi ski resort is located 15 km from the village. Mestia.

  • Kutaisi – Mestia – 222 km
  • Tbilisi-Mestia – 470 km
  • Batumi-Mestia – 267 km
  • Zugdidi-Mestia – 130 km
  • Mestia – hot-spot Tetnuldi – 15 km
Main characteristics:
  • Number of tracks: 16
  • Length of slopes: 30 km
  • Number of lifts: 6
  • Freeride, backcountry


Hatsvali is a small resort in Svaneti, 8 km from the village. Mestia, which is located on the slopes of the Hatsvali mountain of the same name. People don’t go here on purpose, but those who ride Tetnuldi get here - for a change, a change of impressions and beautiful views. There is only one lift (the height of the upper station is 2347 m), 4 tracks. Very few people, but a lot of off-piste trails through beautiful coniferous forests.

You can climb Hatsvali directly from Mestia on the lift, and not go by car. You can walk to the ski lift, but you have to climb 70 meters in height.

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Bakuriani is a small village, only two streets long, near which a ski resort is located. Bakuriani is located near the well-known resort of Borjomi. The ski area here is located at altitudes of 1800–2700 m.

This resort, unlike Gudauri and Tetnuldi, is ideal for those who are just learning to ski or snowboard, for children's skiing and a relaxing family vacation. The weather in winter is usually sunny, windless with an average temperature of -6 ... -7 degrees.

The skiing season in Bakuriani starts from mid-December and lasts until mid-April, but February is considered the most comfortable time for skiing and relaxing.

Ski tours to Bakuriani resort with

Main characteristics:
  • Number of tracks: 5
  • Length of slopes: 18 km 

  • Tbilisi-Bakuriani – 185 km
  • Batumi-Bakuriani – 300 km
  • Kutaisi-Bakuriani – 153 km
  • Borjomi-Bakuriani – 25 km

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