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Central Lycia

Central Lycia

This nine-day tour is for those who want to experience the endurance of their body and spirit, to go through an exclusive and adventure route, striking with a variety of landscapes, natural and historical attractions. Of course, this stretch of the Lycian Way is considered the most picturesque and the most saturated in terms of activities and entertainment. In the meantime, to warm up your interest, we offer you a tour program

Tour type:
Hiking and trekking
South coast of Turkey
Number of participants:
From 2 people
Maximum height:
700 m
April - May
Start of the program:
Finish program:
9 days
220 USD
Tours dates
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Day 1

Meeting in Antalya at 9.00 local time. Transfer Antalya - Ulupinar. Ulupinar is a settlement located not far from the main south-coast highway. Known for its many trout farms and fish restaurants. Some of them are located right on the river, along which tomorrow we will descend towards the sea and the village of Cirali. For Ulupinar near the river we find a suitable site, we camp, we swim in the river.
Kilometers 5 km.

Day 2

We get down to Cirali to the sea. We are located in one of the guesthouses. Night excursion to Chimera. Chimera is the only mountain in the world on which natural eternal fires burn. Methane burns through cracks in the rocks. An ancient Greek legend about the fire-breathing monster Chimera is associated with this place, also Mount Chimera has always been a sacred place of fire worshipers, as indicated by the signs on the ruins of the local medieval basilica. Overnight at the campsite.
Kilometers 10 km. Climb 200 m.

Day 3

In the morning swimming in the sea. Further excursion to the ancient city of Olympos, then the hiking part. Today we storm Mount Musa-Dag. We have to make a climb to a height of more than 700 m. On the pass we will have a beautiful view of the Adrasan valley, here we will have not only a viewing platform, but an old well with water and a shepherd’s house in a purely eastern color.
Kilometers 10 km. Climb 750 m.

Day 4

Descent to Adrasan, the sea, cafes. Adrasan, like ираıralı, is a seaside village, but more comfortable and less poppy. This is already a zone where the foot of a mass tourist has not gone before. We are located on a small cozy beach overlooking the bay and the village.
Kilometers 12 km.

Day 5

Breakfast, after which the active part of our trip begins. We go lightly along the trodden path, which, entering the "jungle" - a mysterious forest with vines and thorny bushes will lead us to Shepherd's Bay (Shepherd ‘s bey) and we go down to it. The bay is very picturesque - steep rocky shores. An alternative is a trip to another picturesque bay of Sazak. Here you can swim and eat. Overnight at the beach.
Kilometers 20 km.

Day 6

Today, as an entertainment, after intense transitions, we suggest you take a yacht trip with a swim in the bays and the open sea, and most importantly, this walk involves a visit to the unique island of Sulu-Ada. The name is connected not with the fact that the island is in the sea, but with the miracle that is on the island itself - a spring with excellent drinking water. There is also a great beach with emerald water and a picturesque grotto, which we will also approach. On the way back, a Mediterranean lunch and a disco await us right on the yacht. After the walk, the yacht will take us to the beach, from where we will go to the village of Adrasan to settle in the campsite.
Kilometers 8 km.

Day 7

Hike to Cape Gelidonia. In a pine woodland we will move from Adrasan to Cape Gelidonia. Having passed the cape around the perimeter, enjoying beautiful views of the island of Sulu Ada, we will go to the lighthouse on Gelidonia. Opposite the lighthouse, the islands of Besh Adalar (five islands) open. We spend the night at the spring, those who wish can go down to the sea.
Kilometers 18 km. Climb 347 m, dump 166 m.

Day 8

Today we are moving to the village of Karaez and the famous Pirate Bay, located nearby. And again, along the romantic bays and beaches. Closer to the end of the transition, a huge beach awaits us, extending beyond the horizon, which stretches to the town of Finike - our next destination. But we won’t go through the whole beach, but we will reach the town of Mavikent, from which we will then leave for Kumluca and then to Tekirova, from where we will make another small throw to the famous hippie resort Sundance Camp. Overnight at the sea.
Kilometers 17 km.

Day 9 

Excursion to the ancient city of Phaselis and departure to Antalya. Given the time of transition and moving, if you plan to fly out today, then you need to take tickets for the flight no earlier than 20.00. Those who wish to stay in Turkey and see Antalya can recommend a good hotel in Calais Ichi (the old town).

Antalya - Ulupinar - Cirali - Chimera - Olympos - Musa-Dag - Adrasan Valley - Adrasan - Shepherd's Bay - Sulu-Ada Island - Cape Gelidonia - Karaez - Pirate Bay - Mavikent - Kumluju - Tekirova - Sundance Camp - Phaselis - Antalya

The cost of a package of services - from $ 220 *


  • three meals a day on the route, instructor services, a first-aid kit, bonfire and gas equipment

Not included:

  • flight, all travels around Turkey by public transport, accommodation at all organized campsites along the route, sightseeing fees, yacht tours, insurance for outdoor activities, meals in cafes and restaurants, hotel accommodations including in Antalya after the hike. Summing up everything, as well as leaving a certain amount for souvenirs and personal expenses, we get a minimum of $ 350 + flight.

Payment order: To reserve a place in the group, a prepayment of $ 100 is required. prepayment by money transfer. The remaining amount at the meeting. In case of premature departure from the route, recalculation is not performed, money is not returned.

Food on the route
I will warn the inveterate meat-eaters right away - it’s tight with the usual camping stew in Turkey. More precisely, it is not sold there at all. There is also a small variety in the selection of canned fish, only tuna is sold. Therefore, we will build our diet on the local characteristics of Mediterranean cuisine.

So in our campaign you will find:

  • Greek salad
  • pilaf with chickpeas (chickpeas)
  • pilaf with mushrooms
  • bulgur with tomato
  • lentil soup
  • onion porridge dish
  • lentil noodle soup
  • vegetable stew
  • spaghetti with tomato and cheese

Also note that buckwheat is not sold at all in Turkey. For those who can’t live without a stew on a camping trip, you can take it with you.
We will have tea in the morning and evening. Something sweet must be included with tea. Cooking at the stake, in campsites on the burner.
For daytime snacks we take canned tuna, cheese, Turkish sausage, greens, bread, nuts and dried fruits with us.
A pleasant moment: on some routes we will often come across grant and citrus orchards, i.e. fruits can be torn directly from the tree in any quantity)

The most important principle here is to take only the most necessary things with you. Remember that 1/3 of the backpack should be empty, because we have to carry food and sometimes water with us. Ideally, the weight of the backpack (before the hike) should be 7-10 kg for women, 10-15 kg for men.


  • Tent
  • Backpack 60-70 L (men), 50 L (women)
  • An individual first-aid kit (the necessary minimum of medicines, the instructor will also have a group first-aid kit)
  • Trekking shoes or sneakers + sandals
  • Karimat (tourist rug)
  • Sleeping bag (not less than -2C comfort)
  • T-shirts, preferably walking - thermo, for spending the night - cotton
  • Light jacket from the rain (or raincoat or umbrella)
  • LED headlamp with a set. batteries
  • Mug
  • Bowl (plastic, light metal)
  • A spoon
  • Toiletries: paper, soap, toothpaste, brush, everything for shaving, baby cream, household. soap for washing things.
  • Documents: passport, passport general, photocopies of passports, plane tickets
  • Watch phone
  • Packages for sealing things
  • Empty plastic 3 liter eggplant or plastic bottles with a total volume of 3 liters.

Note: regarding washing things. On trips up to 6 days, it is advisable to take so many things with you so that you do not have to wash them. For longer laundry trips, you need to bring soap


  • Shirt with a long. sleeve (by the way, an important thing to protect your hands from the sun)
  • Shorts
  • Polar sweater
  • Socks for tracking summer. Better with Coolmax Technology
  • Cap warm polar
  • Cap or panama
  • Protective lipstick
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Matches (lighter)
  • knife
  • Candles
  • Seater
  • Remedy for mosquitoes and bloodsucking

1. The general rule is not to collect excess junk, which can be completely dispensed with.
2. Preference for lighter things.

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