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Climbing, trekking, excursions. Colombia (First meeting)

Colombia - first acquaintance

You do not know where you can have a good and active rest?
We have specially prepared a short cheat sheet for Colombia for you.
There is everything here: climbing, trekking, walks, excursions, helicopter flights, the ocean and of course the Amazonas!

Tour type:
Hiking and trekking
Light - Medium
Number of participants:
From 1 people
Maximum height:
5221 m
All year round
Start of the program:
Finish program:
4 days
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Climbing, trekking and excursions in Colombia (basic directions)

Below is information about our programs in Colombia:

1. Climbing in Colombia

In Colombia, there are several highland areas that are located in the Andes (33% of the country is covered by the Andes).
What attracts the Colombian mountains? They attract with their Magic. The magic of mountains is that they are so diverse that you can find high mountains, tropical mountains and volcanoes here.
Our company offers organized climbing tours in two National Parks: Natural El Cocuy, Guican and Chita in the central / eastern part of the country and in Los Nevados in the Coffee Region.

  • Climbing in the National Park - Sierra Nevada del Cocuy. Sierra Nevada del Cocuy is currently closed !!! Until now, there is no precise date for re-opening for other mountaineering activities beside day hikes. We will post any news on this matter. Here you can climb the peaks: Montser­rate (​3816 m), Pico del Aguilas (3900 m), Toti (5050 m), Nevada El Concavo (5180 m), Pan de Azucar (5140 m), Nevada Ruiz (5311 m), etc.
  • Climbing the volcano Nevado Santa Isabel (4965 m), 7 days
  • Climbing the volcano Nevado del Tolima (5221 m) from the Otun river valley, 8 days
  • Climbing the Nevado del Tolima volcano (5221 m) from the Quindio river valley, 6 days
  • Trekking with climbing 3 volcanoes in Los Nevados National Park: Nevado del Santa Isabel (4965 m), Paramillo del Quindio (4745 m), Nevado del Tolima (5221 m), 13 days
  • Climbing the Nevado del Tolima volcano (5221 m) and Lost City Trek, 15 days
  • 2 Countries (Colombia + Ecuador), 4 ascents: Paramillo del Quindio (4745 m) - Nevado del Tolima (5221 m), Cotopaxi (5897 m), Chimborazo (6268 m), 16 days
  • Climbing the volcano Paramillo del Quindio (4745 m) with a visit to the Cocora coffee valley, 6 days
  • Climbing the volcano Nevado del Tolima (5221 m) and coffee tour, 10 days
  • 2 ascents, volcanoes: Paramillo del Quindio (4745 m) and Nevado del Tolima (5221 m), 12 days

2. Trekking in Colombia

Colombia’s nature encompasses jungles, lowlands, tropical forests, sacred lakes, plentiful beaches, “paramo” and high mountains with snow-cowered peaks. 
All that natural beauty, combined with the vast areas of uninhabited land, makes the country a great destination amongst trekkers from all over the world.  
Our company has developed several very authentic treks in Colombia, mainly in the area of “Sierra Nevada Del Cocuy” and “El Parque Los Nevados”,  with focus on panoramic landscapes, professional guides, correct acclimatization, safety, good equipment and a high service level.

  • Trekking in the National Park - Natural El Cocuy, Guican and Chita (Sierra Nevada del Coquy), 7 days
  • Classic trekking in Los Nevados National Park, 6 days
  • Trekking to the Lost City (La Ciudad Perdida) Tayrona area, 6 days
  • Trekking to the Lost City (La Ciudad Perdida) Tayrona area with rest on the sea, 7 days
  • Trekking in Los Nevados National Park from South to North with the possibility of climbing a very beautiful peak called Paramillo del Quindio (4745 m), 8 days
  • Exploring the Colombian Caribbean (Punta Gallinas, Lost City (La Ciudad Perdida), Tayrona National Park and Caribbean beach lodge), 11 days
  • Walking in Colombia: a combination of cultural and hiking activities along the route, 17 days
  • Colombia Off-road, maximum one tour: Los Nevados National Park, Punta Gallinas, The Lost City (La Ciudad Perdida), Tayrona National Park, the historical fortified city of Cartagena de Indias, 19 days

3. Easy walks, excursions, sea vacations

Colombia remains an unknown country for most people. It is friendly and with a very diverse population, bright green, mountainous and exotic. The diversity of its many cultures is reflected in the extraordinary geographic diversity of its landscape. Most of the country is in the lowlands, with the Amazon and Los Llanos to the east and south. To the north is the Caribbean Sea with its beaches, Tayrona and Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest coastal mountain range in the world. The central part of the country is dominated by green mountains and valleys, including the absolutely wonderful and charming region of Coffee and the Boyaca region with its authentic villages.

  • The main attractions of Colombia: excursions in cities and national parks, coffee valleys, the Caribbean Sea, etc., 10 days
  • A circular tour through the most interesting areas of Colombia, 16 days
  • Explore Bogota, the famous Сoffee region and the Caribbean in Cartagena (World Heritage Site), 7 days
  • Caribbean Coast: Guajira Desert, Cities: Santa Marta, Cartagena, Mompoх and San Bernardo Archipelago (Santa Cruz Island), 14 days
  • Attractions and nature of Colombia, charter flights, 16 days
  • Best Places in Colombia (two flights), 20 days
  • All the best for a comfortable and safe family vacation in Colombia, 16 days
  • Our favorite Colombia Caribbean beaches: Sanguare, Providencia and the Guajira Desert, 4-12 days
  • Travel to the unique places of the Amazon River, Leticia and Puerto Narino, 5-7 days
  • Columbia Pacific Coast, jungle, waterfalls, sandy beaches, whales, dolphins and more, 5-7 days
  • Canyon Cristales, "river of five colors", 3-5 days
  • Los Llanos, vast territory of endless ocean of green meadows, Colombian cowboys, real ranch, 4-6 days


  • a combination of different tours is possible,
  • it is possible to change the duration of the tour,
  • development of a tour for your program

How to plan your itinerary in Colombia? It's simple.

  • You can choose our standard tour
  • You can add or exclude days
  • You can make combinations of tours
  • You can add excursions, beach, etc.
  • You can suggest the places you want to visit, and we will offer you a program

Wait for your offers!!

The cost of the tour is at your request.

  • We are ready to offer programs from Economy to VIP level

Colombia is always glad to see you!

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