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Ecuador on foot. The best trekking

The best trekking in Ecuador through the most interesting natural sites

One program combines the best routes in the country, focused on easy / medium difficulty levels.
Enjoy easy trekking with comfortable accommodations in nice and charming rooms (without overnight stays in tents).
The program aims to cover a wide area while providing a very good understanding of the landscape and culture of Ecuador.
The route passes through some of the most iconic sites such as: Pululahua Crater, Cuicocha and Quilotoa Crater Lakes, Cotopaxi and Chimborazo National Parks and
the beautiful towns of Otavalo and Banos.
This is a great way to visit the country - on foot!

Tour type:
Hiking and trekking
Easy / Medium
Number of participants:
From 1 people
Maximum height:
5000 m
All year round, but there are rainy seasons
Start of the program:
Finish program:
14 days
2 325 USD
Tours dates
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Day 1
Meeting at the airport of Quito. Transfer to your hotel in the northern part of Mariscal. It is conveniently located in the tourist area of Quito, close to restaurants, bars and entertainment.

Day 2
Private half-day tour of historic Quito including La Basilica Church, La Compagnia Church and El Panecillo Hill. We leave the hotel by private transport and watch the transformation of the new part of the city into an absolutely beautiful historical and colonial part of Quito. We will have time to see all the interesting churches, squares, etc. You will enjoy the local atmosphere with many shops and vendors. After these interesting sights, we continue on to "El Panecillo", a hill in the center of Quito, overlooking the city and the historic center. Also from here, on clear days, we can observe several snow-capped volcanoes surrounding Quito.
Overnight at the hotel.
Meals included: breakfast

Day 3
We will leave Quito early in the morning, driving 1.5 hours to the edge of Pululaua Crater (3840 m). From the parking lot we begin our hike into a beautiful crater, descending along a well-marked path for 340 m to the lower "valley". We will take a short walk through the crater and see how people live, as it is one of the few inhabited active volcanoes in the world. After that, we will again go by transport to the city of Otavalo.
On the way, we will stop at the Inti-Nan Museum, just located on the equator line. Inti Nan is an experimental conceptual location where we will see the exact location of the equatorial line and do some "experiments" related to the location. After this visit, we will continue our trip to Otavalo along the valley road. This trip will take about 3 hours.
Overnight at the hotel.
Ascent: 340 m / Descent: 340 m / Maximum altitude: 3840 m / Lesson duration: 4 hours
Included: Breakfast, Picnic

Day 4
Pick up at your hotel in Otavalo and transfer to the volcanic lake Cuikocha (3400 m), 1 hour. From the entrance we will follow the path that goes around the edge of the crater. We will go almost all the way around the lake, but not completely, as a rather long section runs along a dirt road. After being picked up by our transport, we will make a short stop at the check-in counter on the lakeside for a bite to eat and then head to the city of Atuntaqui, which specializes in leather goods. There will be plenty of time to shop and relax in one of the many cafes.
Overnight at the hotel.
Ascent: 300 m / Descent: 300 m / Maximum altitude: 3400 m / Lesson duration: 4 hours
Included: Breakfast, Picnic

Day 5
Free morning at the famous local Otavalo market. After lunch, transfer (1.5 hours) to the archaeological ruins of Cochaski (3350 m), where we will have the opportunity to visit some of the best-preserved pyramids and listen to local history. From Cochaschi we have about 2 hours to our hotel located at an altitude of 3350 m, a small settlement located on the border of Pasochoa Nature Reserve and Cotopaxi National Park.
Overnight at the hotel.
Included: Breakfast
Day 6
Early breakfast and a short transfer to the Pita River, from where we will begin our trek, ascending the river bank to the Cotopaxi Plateau and continuing through the barren volcanic terrain to the archaeological ruins of the Inkas, known as El Salitre, at an altitude of about 3900 m. After a well-deserved lunch, we will follow a well-marked trail / road to our mountain refuge in a national park at an altitude of 3800m.
Night in a mountain hut.
Ascent: 450 m / Maximum altitude: 3900 m / Lesson duration: 6 hours
Included: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner
Day 7
Transfer (1.45 h) to the upper parking area (4500 m). Then the transition to the high-altitude shelter - Jose Rivas Hut (4800 m) and further to the glacier (5000 m). After a break to enjoy the beautiful views, we will descend past the parking lot into the Lava Valley, which follows a gorge to the plateau. Then an easy walk to Limpiopungo Lake (5000 m), where we will bypass it before being picked up and driven back to the mountain hut.
Night in a mountain hut.
Ascent: 500 m / Descent: 1200 m / Maximum altitude: 5000 m / Lesson duration: 6 hours
Included: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner

Day 8
After a relaxing morning at the hut, we will begin our drive to the other side of the famous "Volcano Avenue". We will first descend into the Machachi Valley and then follow the newly renovated road leading to Quilotoa Crater Lake (3900 m), 4 hours drive + stops. Arriving at our lodge, we will head to the observation deck at the edge of the crater and enjoy the sunset overlooking some of the conical volcanoes of the Eastern Ridge. For those who wish there is an option to go down to the lake shore inside the crater and climb again on foot (the hike will take about 1.5 hours down and up).
Night in a simple house in the town of Quilotoa.
Ascent: 250 m / Descent: 250 m / Maximum altitude: 3900 m / Lesson duration: 1.5 - 2 hours
Included: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner

Day 9
At about 8 AM we will begin our hike along the Western Trail, bypassing about a third of the crater along a scenic trail at the top of the rim. With a clear sky, an incredible view opens up of the distant volcanoes Cotopaxi and Illinizas, the lake at the bottom of the crater, the Western Valley, Guayama and its city. From the edge we descend into the Guayama Valley and follow a series of trails and dirt roads until we reach the Rio Toachi Gorge. This last section is quite steep along the old trail to the river crossing, where a short walk will take us to the town of Chugchilan (3198 m) and our local house.
Overnight at the hotel / lodge.
Ascent: 203 m / Descent: 1025 m / Maximum altitude: 4020 m / Activity duration: 5 hours
Meals included: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner

Day 10
From Chugchilan the landscape becomes greener and more colorful. There are many small local industries for the most basic crop such as potatoes, corn, beans, etc. The lifestyle is still very traditional and is mainly inhabited by peasants and descendants of Indigenous peoples. We will stroll through a changing landscape with valleys and gorges adorned by the Toachi River until our next stop in the town of Insilivi (3000 m), where we will stop at another lovely lodge to enjoy a pleasant day.
Overnight at the hotel / lodge.
Ascent: 150 m / Descent: 200 m / Maximum altitude: 3000 m / Lesson duration: 5 hours
Meals included: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner
Day 11    
Today we have a happy drive from Insilivi to Chimborazo National Park (5 hours). First we have to get back to the Pan-American Highway, which will takes us about 2 hours, then we will head south taking a minor road towards the park.  Our transport will takes us strait to the door of the lower hut, from where we will hike up to the renown Whimper’s hut at 5000 m.  During the 1-hour hike, if the weather is clear, we will have a prefect view of Chimborazo’s northwest face and the ever-dry rocky terrain of this peak.  From the hut we would enjoy a great mountain atmosphere in under Ecuador’s major summit.  We will return to the lower hut and start our descent to a very comfortable mountain lodge at the foot of the mountain in an altitude of 4280 m.
Night at mountain lodge.
Ascent: 200 m / Descent: 200 m / Highest Altitude: 5000 m / Activity duration: 2 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Picnic

Day 12    
Early start from Michaguasca, taking the main trail of the Llama Trek (4280 m).  This trek roams over the Chimborazo’s high “paramos” gaining altitude as we approach the valley that separates the Chimborazo from it neighbor the Carihuairazo volcano.  From the upper pass at 4400 m, the trail lead us down into the opposite side of Chimborazo, into a very isolated indigenous region called Urbina in Abras-Pungo, which lies on the Southeast face of Chimborazo.  This hike goes through a very different landscape than the ones we walked in before. It is known as the Llama trek due to the large amount of these animals roaming around the local’s farms.  After 6-hour hike, we will meet our transport that will take us to much warmer weather: the city of Baños (3.5 hours).
Night in a hotel.
Ascent: 120 m / Descent: 900 m / Highest Altitude: 4400 m / Activity duration: 6 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Picnic

Day 13    
Town of Baños de Santa Agua (1820 m) located under the impressive Tungurahua volcano (5023 m) that is probably the most active volcano in Ecuador.  Banos is situated near this volcano in the zone between the highlands and the lowlands, giving it a wonderful climate and many beautiful natural sites and activities.  We have a whole morning to visit the some of the beautiful sights in the area, especially El Pailon del Diablo waterfall and the cable car that crosses the huge valley. 
After lunch, we will begin our trip back to Quito’s area (3-4 hours) for our last night in this gorgeous country.
Night in a hotel.
Included meals: Breakfast

Day 14
Time to leave the volcanoes of Ecuador! Hotel pick-up and transfer to Quito airport (1-2 hours).
Meals included: breakfast

After the tour!!! Also, we recommend that you take a look at our extension trips. These will add to your adventure and show you some of the natural wealth and variety a small country like Ecuador has to offer.

Quito -  Quito City tour (2850 m) - Pululahua’s Crater (3840 m) - Otavalo - Inti-Nan Museum - Cuicocha Crater lake (3400 m) - Atuntaqui - Otavalo market - archaeological ruins of Cochaski (3350 m) - El Salitre (3900 m)  - Cotopaxi Glacier (5000 m)  - Limpiopungo’s lake (5000 m) - Quilotoa Crater Lake (3900 m) - Quilotoa - Rio Toachi Gorge - Chugchilan (3198 m) - Insilivi (3000 m) - Chimborazo National Park, Whymper hut (5000 m) - Llama Trek, Urbina in Abras-Pungo (4280 m) - Banos de Santa Agua (1820 m) - Quito 

The cost of the full package of services -  from 2325 USD*
* cost for a group of 6 people 


  • Local English speaking mountain guide during the entire program
  • Assistant mountain guides during trek in a ratio of 1:5
  • City guide for Quito’s city tour
  • Private transportation throughout the entire program
  • 3 nights in shared double room in hotel in the city of Quito
  • 2 nights in shared double room in hotel in the town of Otavalo
  • 1 night in shared double room in hotel in the town of Loreto
  • 2 nights in shared dormitory at Cotopaxi National Park lower hut
  • 1 night in shared double room in basic lodge in the town of Quilotoa
  • 1 night in shared double room in lodge in the town of Chugchilan
  • 1 night in shared double room in lodge in the town of Insilivi
  • 1 night in shared double room in basic lodge in the settlement of Michaguasca
  • 1 night in shared double room in hotel in the city of Banos
  • Entry fee to the National parks and natural reserves
  • Entry fees to museums and sights mentioned in the program
  • Meals as specified in the day to day itinerary

Not Included:

  • Domestic and international flights
  • Separate airport transfers in case of multiple arrival/departures
  • Insurance
  • Tips
  • Everything not mentioned in the “Included” list

Ecuador is a wonderful country for activities such as mountain climbing, trekking and hiking.
Ecuador has programs to suit all experience levels, from beginners and amateur enthusiasts to professionals.

Mountaineering. In Ecuador, you can climb all year round, but there are seasons:

  • High season: June to August / December to January
  • Low season: February to May / September to November.

Trekking and walking tours. In Ecuador, the best months to do this are June through November, when you're almost guaranteed to get great views of the country's spectacular volcanoes and Andes mountains.

There are: 11 national parks, Inca trails, craters, volcanoes, mountain lakes, and one of the best traks in the world - the Condor Trek, which runs in the Antisana Reserve,

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