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Lycian Way - Mediterranean Fantasy

Lycian Way - Mediterranean Fantasy

On this tour there will be no pop segment of the Lycian trail, which crowds of tourists go. We offer you a new route. Its advantages: few steep and protracted climbs, less civilization, more nature, finally, we will have a lot of sea, cozy green bays and archaeological sites. Its main goal is to get acquainted with the ancient and original Turkish culture of the Mediterranean, ancient and modern.

Tour type:
Hiking and trekking
South coast of Turkey
Number of participants:
From 2 people
Maximum height:
500 m
Start of the program:
Finish program:
11 days
260 USD
Tours dates
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Spring hike in central Lycia. On this tour you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with many archaeological sites - ancient cities and settlements, to visit the real Turkish desert, on a huge sandy beach, where large sea turtles crawl out at night. Every day there will be a sea and cozy green bays. The measured rural life in Turkish villages and the quiet relaxation of foreigners in the very small town of Kas, which overlooks the Greek island of Meis. It will not do without a light extreme. Welcome to the new Turkish adventure!

Day 1

Meeting in Antalya, purchase of supplies, transfer to the town of Demre. In ancient times there was the Lycian city of Peace, in the early Middle Ages it was the place of worship of St. Nicholas (in our grandfather frost). If we have time, visit the World. Transfer to Adriake Bay. On the way, you can see the ruins of the Roman city of the same name. We set up a camp in a wonderful place. Our services include the sea, a large sandy beach, a river, pine trees. Overnight in the bay.

Day 2

Breakfast, a small relaxation, which includes swimming in the sea and a walk on the bay promenade. Then we collect the camp and hit the road along the sea along the Lycian trail. The path lies among olive groves, and the landscape reminds of ancient Greece from films about Odysseus. We leave in a small and wild bay called Chakil Beach. Here you can arrange a halt, swim in the sea. The next section of the path is rocky with a lot of prickly juniper. We leave in the village of Kapakli, where we collect water and again return to the sea. Then we will go to the ancient ruins of Roman time and set up a camp overlooking a small bay among steep cliffs resembling a fjord.

Day 3

Rise, breakfast. We continue our journey through a beautiful, but not always comfortable area. Today's program: the transition from the village of Kapakli to the bay with cold water. Further along the mountain valleys to Burch Bay. Burch Bay is the most beautiful place to relax. There is a source of cold water in the bay. On the shore there is a ruined manor, the ruins of an ancient settlement, and on the mountain there is a fortress with a cannon. Next is the village of Simena. Very beautiful old village. There are shops, cafes, guest houses. Of the sights: Lycian tombs on the hill and the fortress (entrance to the fortress is paid). From Simena we go to the village of Uchagyz. There is a bazaar, a supermarket, shops, cafes, guest houses, camping, travel agencies, boat rental. Of the attractions - the ancient settlement of Teymussa and the Lycian sarcophagi.

The distance is 15-20 km (it depends on how much strength there is to go with backpacks in the mountains. The place of our overnight stay will depend on the same factor. Therefore, we can spend the night) by the sea on the approach to the Uchagyz village, not far from the water sources, b) c camping of the village itself (for a fee), in the area of the village of Simena (by the way the most exotic option, but also the hardest in terms of ascents and descents).

Day 4

Breakfast. Seeds (or Uchagyz) - the ancient city and Aperlai Bay. Options: on foot (about 15 km), a boat (a convenient option with the possibility of exploring the ancient city of Kekova, sunken as a result of earthquakes, cost about $ 15-20 per person).

Day 5

Today we travel from one ancient city of Aperlai (located by the sea) to another Apollonia (in the mountains). Not far from the following ruins - Apollonia - we will settle down for the night.
From the top where the former city is located, you can see yesterday’s route in detail and see a piece of tomorrow.

Day 6

Apollonia - Liman Isa Beach. We begin the descent. After visiting two sentinel Roman towers, the road leads us again to the seashore. Today we are waiting for a long passage along the coast, from bay to bay, passing through the hills, in some places we will have to move along the erosive (Karrov) rocks. We will make another halt at the prettiest Shepherd's Beach (Coban Plaji), on which one wants to hover longer - you can see numerous islands scattered across the Mediterranean Sea. Soon after the Shepherd's Beach, we arrive at Liman Aizi Bay. From here Kashch is already visible - the final point of our campaign. We set up tents right on the beach.

Day 7

Aizi Estuary - Kas. From the bay of Liman Aizi, only a couple of hours remained to the seaside town of Kas. In Kas, we are camping, right by the sea, overlooking the Greek island of Meis, which is 7 km from the coast. In the evening, you can walk along the promenade and explore the small, recently restored amphitheater, which belonged to the ancient city of Antifellos.

Day 8

In the morning until noon, we walk around Kash, then we collect our things and leave the bus station further in a westerly direction. We land in the village of Eshilkoy and turn left onto the dirt road leading to the Lycian aqueduct. Under the aqueduct is an olive grove overlooking the sea, a great place for wild parking. We stay here for dinner and overnight.

Day 9

Go to Patara beach, overnight. From the aqueduct to Patara there is a dirt road without strong elevations. In Patara we stop at a campsite.

Day 10

A day in Patara, a tour of the ancient city. Patara is a huge sandy beach, 19 km long. Sand dunes interspersed with small trees go deep into the land for another 2 km. This semi-desert. In ancient times, there was a big city of the same name. From it, various ruins of buildings, arches and 2 amphitheaters of Roman time have been preserved. The city is actively explored and restored.

Day 11

In the morning we take a bus to Antalya or Dalaman and spend the rest of the time in the city, buying souvenirs and Turkish sweets. After - we board the plane home.

Antalya - Demre - Adriake Bay - Chakil Beach - Kapakli - Burch Bay - Simena - Uchagyz - Teymussa - Aperlai - Kekova - Apollonia - Liman Aizy Beach - Meis Island - Kas - Yeshilka - Patara Beach - Antalya (Dalaman)

The cost of a package of services - from $ 260 *


  • three meals a day on the route, guide services, moving the group from Antalya to the place where the route began.

Not included:

  • flight to Turkey, tour. insurance for outdoor activities, visiting paid attractions, meals in cafes and restaurants, accommodation in campsites and hotels ($ 50), departure on the last day.

Payment order: To reserve a place in the group, a prepayment of $ 50 is required. Prepayment is made by money transfer. The remaining amount at the meeting. In case of premature departure from the route, recalculation is not performed, money is not returned.

Food on the route
So in our campaign you will find:

  • Greek salad
  • pilaf with chickpeas (chickpeas)
  • pilaf with mushrooms
  • bulgur with tomato
  • lentil soup
  • onion porridge dish
  • lentil noodle soup
  • vegetable stew
  • spaghetti with tomato and cheese

Also note that buckwheat is not sold at all in Turkey. For those who can’t live without a stew on a camping trip, you can take it with you.
We will have tea in the morning and evening. Something sweet must be included with tea. Cooking at the stake, in campsites on the burner.
For daytime snacks we take canned tuna, cheese, Turkish sausage, greens, bread, nuts and dried fruits with us.
A pleasant moment: on some routes we will often come across grant and citrus orchards, i.e. fruits can be torn directly from the tree in any quantity)

The most important principle here is to take only the most necessary things with you. Remember that 1/3 of the backpack should be empty, because we have to carry food and sometimes water with us. Ideally, the weight of the backpack (before the hike) should be 7-10 kg for women, 10-15 kg for men.


  • Tent
  • Backpack 60-70 L (men), 50 L (women)
  • An individual first-aid kit (the necessary minimum of medicines, the instructor will also have a group first-aid kit)
  • Trekking shoes or sneakers + sandals
  • Karimat (tourist rug)
  • Sleeping bag (not less than -2C comfort)
  • T-shirts, preferably walking - thermo, for spending the night - cotton
  • Light jacket from the rain (or raincoat or umbrella)
  • LED headlamp with a set. batteries
  • Mug
  • Bowl (plastic, light metal)
  • A spoon
  • Toiletries: paper, soap, toothpaste, brush, everything for shaving, baby cream, household. soap for washing things.
  • Documents: passport, passport general, photocopies of passports, plane tickets
  • Watch phone
  • Packages for sealing things
  • Empty plastic 3 liter eggplant or plastic bottles with a total volume of 3 liters.

Note: regarding washing things. On trips up to 6 days, it is advisable to take so many things with you so that you do not have to wash them. For longer laundry trips, you need to bring soap


  • Shirt with a long. sleeve (by the way, an important thing to protect your hands from the sun)
  • Shorts
  • Polar sweater
  • Socks for tracking summer. Better with Coolmax Technology
  • Cap warm polar
  • Cap or panama
  • Protective lipstick
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Matches (lighter)
  • knife
  • Candles
  • Seater
  • Remedy for mosquitoes and bloodsucking

1. The general rule is not to collect excess junk, which can be completely dispensed with.
2. Preference for lighter things.

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