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Trekking in Corsica “Mare a mare”

Trekking in Corsica “Mare a mare”

We suggest you take a trip to the most interesting place - the island of Corsica, take a hike in the protected places of the island while swimming, sunbathing and relaxing.

The route of the hike in Corsica passes through the mountains of the southern part of the island, very much along its entire length. These are mountains, and waterfalls, and transparent small rivers with trout, and chestnut forests, and alpine meadows with rare flowers. In some parking lots, we will even have a shower and a cafe. Every evening you can meditate and do yoga with incredible views

Attention! for the first experimental trip June 6-14, a special price - $ 170 !!!

Tour type:
Hiking and trekking
Corsica, France
Number of participants:
From 2 people
Maximum height:
1000 m
June - August
Start of the program:
Porto Vecchio
Finish program:
8 days
280 USD
170 USD
Exclusive tour

Trekking in Corsica “Mare a mare” (“From Sea to Sea”) is a good alternative to the most famous and most difficult route of Europe G 20.
Advantages of this route over G 20:

  • Mare a mare route is easier, takes 8 days, unlike G 20 (15 days)
  • beginning and end of the route by the sea)
  • on this route there are more equipped campsites with a shower and other benefits of civilization

The route runs through the Corsica National Park.
Despite the fact that it is lighter and shorter than the G 20, it is still considered quite difficult for unprepared people, due to large differences in altitude.

Day 1. Porto-Vecchio. Camping U Furu
Meeting at Porto-Vecchio at 12.00 in the marina area. Food purchase. The beginning of the campaign. If you arrived in the city the day before the trip, you can stay overnight at one of the many campsites located along the picturesque bay. Warm up day. Go to U furu camping and overnight. The campsite has a swimming pool and a cascading river nearby where you can swim.

Time on the route: 2 hours. Distance: 6 km. Climb: 140 m.

Day 2. Lake Ospedal. Village Kartlavon
The Mare a mare hiking trail starts right from the campsite where we spent the night. From here we head to the opposite shore of southern Corsica. We begin the ascent into the mountains to the massif and the village of Ospedal. Ospedale is located 20 km (on the road) northwest of downtown Porto Vecchio on the slopes of the Illarata Pass. After a long ascent, we will reach the small village of Kartlavon, 1.5 km away. from Ospedal, located at an altitude of 1020 m. This place will be today the highest point of our climb. It offers an excellent view of Porto Vecu, and in good weather you can even see the Italian island of Sardinia. Next, we will make a radial exit to the picturesque artificial mountain lake Ospedal. The trail passes among the evergreen Corsican shrubs under the seaside pines until it takes us to the plateau of Kartlavona. Overnight in Kartlavon.

Time on the route: about 5 hours. Distance: 16.3 km. Climb: 1110 m. Descent: 150 m.

Day 3. The top of Wakka Morta. Bavell Massif. San gavino di carbini
The beginning of today's route will delight you with magnificent views of Porto Vecchio Bay from more than a kilometer high and Lake Ospedale. Then we will go around the top of Vacca Morta, the panoramic views from which are simply breathtaking. Vacca Morta is a mountain peak 1314 meters above sea level. This name in Corsican literally means "the tip of a dead cow." From the top of the mountain overlooks the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the main mountain peaks of southern Corsica, as well as the reliefs of northern Sardinia. After we pass the village of Col de Mela, the coniferous forests of the Bavella mountain range and the charming village of Carbini will open. In the final segment, we will pass by the village of Levi, where we will see several archaeological sites. The final destination of today's crossings will be the village of San-Gavino-di-Carbini. Overnight at San-Gavino-di-Carbini at Camping d’Orra.

Time on the route: 8 hours. Distance: 18.7 km. Climb: 900 m. Descent: 1250 m.

Day 4. Alta Rocca Nature Reserve. Vilage Sondza and Kenza

Today the trail will lead us through a shady pine woodland along the Pian di Santu stream. We will enter the heart of the Alta Rocca Nature Reserve, passing through the villages of Zondza and Kenza. Overnight at Quenza.

Time on the route: 5 hours. Distance: 10.8 km. Climb: 470 m. Descent: 340 m.

Day 5. Plateau Lotion. Villeage Aulen

Kenza is famous primarily for its church, which dates back another 1000 years. We will leave this place to climb the wild and picturesque plateau Cuscione (Cocion) which is part of the Alta Rocca nature reserve. On the plateau we will see hilly expanses with flood meadows, numerous streams and lakes. Next, bypassing the shepherd’s huts, go down for the night in the village of Aulen. Overnight at Aullène.

Time on the route: 4 hours. Distance: 8.5 km. Climb: 450 m. Descent: 410 m.

Day 6. Medieval mill. Chestnut and oak forests. Villa Santa Lucia di Talano

Today’s transition begins with a chestnut forest in the area under Serra di Scopamena, which is part of the southern national park of Corsica, here you can see an old medieval mill, which was restored by the workers of the park, swim in a cool river. Then we climb higher to another mountain plateau, passing oak thickets and thickets of strawberry trees, until we reach the village of Altazhen, then a forest trail leads us to the bell tower and olive groves of Santa Lucia di Tallano. Overnight in Santa Lucia di Tallano.

Time on the route: 6 hours. Distance: 13.5 km. Climb: 740 m. Descent: 1140 m.

Day 7. Piombatu Bridge. Risanna and Baracci rivers. Vilage Fozano and Burgo

We pass by the Romanesque church of St. Jean-Baptiste, then the path will lead through the oak forests to the Piombatu bridge, which crosses the mountain river Risanna (it begins in the upper mountains and flows into the sea in the town of Propriano, which will be the end point of our campaign). Next we head to the village of Fozanno, in which the famous French writer Merimet lived. Then we will go to another water mill on the Baracci River. There are picturesque cliffs and waterfalls through which extreme lovers make canyoning. Overnight in Burgo.

Time on the route: about 7 hours. Distance: 15 km. Climb: 880 m. Dump: 1130 m.

Day 8. Road to the sea. Propriano town

Today we have a road to the sea and only to the sea. After breakfast, we turn off the camp and make a long and smooth descent to the sea through Corsican fields and vineyards. Propriano is a small settlement with a large beach by the sea. We will spend the night right by the sea. To this end, we will either go to a campsite or find a secluded place on one of the many beaches among the rocks. In this place you can watch a stunning sunset when the sun sets directly in the sea.

Time on the route: about 8 hours. Distance: 16 km. Dump: 170 m.

Day 9. Home

Those who wish to continue their vacation at sea or to see the island of Corsica rich in natural and historical sights can continue the journey. By the way, along the coast there are a lot of convenient campsites by the sea, where you can live either in tents or in houses. We are moving to Bastia or Ajaccio, from where a ferry to the mainland awaits us, and then the plane and home.

Porto-Vecchio - Lake Ospedal - Kartlavon - top of Mount Vacca-Morta - massif Bavella - San Gavino di Carbini - reserve Alta Rocca - Zondza - Kenza - Plateau Coscion - Aulen - Santa Lucia di Talano - Foceno - Burgo - Propriano

The cost of a package of services - from $ 280 *

Attention! for the first experimental trip June 6-14, a special price - $ 170 !!!

* Payment is made in Euro !!!


  • meals on the route, instructor services

Not included:

  • Corsica drives (50 €), paid campsites (60 €)

Equipment rental: none. All participants must be with their equipment.

Hike mode: 8.00 hike, breakfast 11.00 hike with halts and stops for a snack. 19.00 stop for the night, dinner.


  • Children can be hiked only from 10 years old.
  • Please also note that changes in the hiking route are possible. This will depend on two main factors - the weather and the general physical condition of both the group as a whole and its individual members.
  • The first trip to Corsica (in June) will be experimental. This means that the guide itself only masters this route, therefore people who are not afraid of possible

How to get to Corsica

The simplest thing is to fly by plane to the resort of Marseille or Nice, and then transfer by ferry and get by ferry to the coast of Corsica in Bastia, Ajaccio or Porto-Vecchio. Ferries operate from French Nice, Toulon, Marseille. You can get from Italy, this is the city of Livorno or Genoa. If you book a ferry in advance and without a cabin, then you will get about 70 euros in both directions.

Ferry booking site:

Campaign conditions: Have a backpack from 65l, a 3L water bottle, light dishes, a flashlight, good boots, sandals, a raincoat, tent, sleeping bag (preferably not above 0C comfort), a mat.

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