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Climbing Kazbek and Tetnuld

Climbing Kazbek (5033 m) and Tetnuld (4869 m)

Kazbek (5033 m) is the easternmost five-thousander in the chain of the Main Caucasian Range and the most suitable peak for exploring the mountains from 5000 m and above. On the route from the south you will not encounter great technical difficulties, but you can check your physical shape and prepare for the "big mountains".

Tetnuld is one of the most beautiful peaks of the Caucasus. She is taller than Mont Blanc and much more interesting. According to the mountaineering classification, ascent along the southeast ridge corresponds to category 2b of difficulty. From the top of Tetnuldi you can enjoy stunning views of the beautiful Ushba.  


  • For independent groups of 4 people, the tour will take place at any time
  • It is possible to make an ascent with a group only to Kazbek
  • Before or after climbing the peaks of Kazbek and Tetnuld, many participants choose tours: climbing Elbrus or Climbing  Kazbek and Ushba
Tour type:
Expeditions and ascents
Number of participants:
From 2 people
Maximum height:
5033 m
June - September
Start of the program:
Finish program:
15 days
1 000 USD
Tours dates
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Day 1

Meeting, group gathering in Stepantsminda settlement (Kazbegi). Overnight in a guest house, hotel. Acquaintance with the instructor, testing and distribution of equipment.

Day 2

Acclimatization exit on the lung. The beginning of the ascent of the Saberze slope. On the way we will visit the famous Christian monastery of the Holy Trinity Sameba (2170 m) and then climb to the Saberze pass (2930 m). We admire the beautiful views. Tea, coffee, snack.

As an alternative - access to the alpine zone - the Chaukh massif.

Day 3

The beginning of the ascent. Depending on the state of the group. We rise again to the pass and go down a little to the green clearing Saberce, put up tents, rest. Either we go to the sites under the glacier (3300 m) or go further along the language of the Gergeti glacier to the weather station (3600 m).

As an option: in the morning drove in jeeps to the church and then drove the backpacks on horses (cargo up to 75 kg) to the weather station (for a fee).

Day 4

Crossing the Gergeti glacier and climbing to the Weather Station 3-4 hours (3600 m). Snack, rest, acclimatization walk through the ancient Betlemi monastery to the parking lots at an altitude of 4200 m. Return to the weather station. Overnight at the weather station in tents or accommodation at the weather station itself at the expense of the participants.

Day 5

Acclimatization exit on 4500 m, ice-snow lessons. Descent to the weather station.

Or, depending on the preparation and condition of the group, the installation of an assault camp in parking lots (4200 m).

Day 6

Climbing Kazbek (5033 m.) 5-7 hours. Early departure at 03:00. Descent to the weather station and further, according to the group's status, to the green glade Saberze.

Day 7

Reserve day in case of bad weather.

Day 8

Descent to Stepantsminda. Settlement in the guest house. Festive dinner.

Day 9

Transfer to Svaneti, Mestia. Overnight at the hostel.

Day 10

v. Mestia. Day of rest, familiarization with the surroundings. Here is the purchase of food, fuel, registration with rescuers, border guards.

Day 11

Transfer to the middle station of the cableway. Going to the start of the climb to Tetnuld

Day 12

Ascent to the Nageb pass (3700 m). Overnight stay

Day 13

Climbing to.Tetnuld in the southwest

Day 14

A spare day in case of bad weather. Then descent to the cable car and transfer to Mestia. Overnight at the hostel. Festive dinner.

Day 15

Visit to the historical museum and the museum of M. Khergiani. Departure


  • Different changes are possible along the way, depending on the weather and the condition of the group.
  • All recommendations and wishes of the Guide are taken into account
  • If one of the participants became ill on the day of climbing, the participant was injured, etc. Guide (one Guide in the group), for SECURITY purposes, returns the entire group down. A second attempt is made the next day.
  • If there are 2 Guides in the group, the second Guide provides a SAFE descent for the participants, and the first continues to climb
  • On request, on the way back, you can relax at sea in Cabuletti.

Stepantsminda (Tbilisi) - Holy Trinity Monastery Sameba (2170m) - Saberce Pass (2930 meters) - Saberce Green Glade (2850 m) - Weather Station (3600 m) - parking lots (4200 m) - Kazbek (5033.8 m) - parking lots (4200 m) - Stepantsminda (Tbilisi) – v. Mestia - Nageb pass (3700 m) - Ascent to Tetnuld (4869 m) - Mestia - Tbilisi (Batumi, Kutaisi)

The cost of a package of services - from $ 1,000 *

* depends on the number of participants, living conditions ......


  • Stepantsminda, accommodation in a guest house, two nights. At the hotel (for a fee)
  • Mestia, accommodation in a hostel, two nights
  • 3 meals a day on the route
  • group climbing equipment
  • registration with border guards and rescuers
  • rental of personal equipment (for a fee)
  • work of the instructor (Guide)
  • first aid kit
  • transfers Mestia-cable car-Mestia

The price does not include:

  • air flight to Georgia and back
  • travel Tbilisi (Kutaisi) - Stepantsminda   - Mestia   - Tbilisi (Kutaisi)
  • insurance
  • tents
  • personal equipment
  • additional excursions,
  • transfers outside the program

What is included in group public equipment

Basic ropes, communications, gas cylinders or gasoline, burners, medical kit, cooking utensils, etc.

Brief information on the area

The village of Stepantsminda (from Georgian - St. Stepan, earlier from 1921 to 2007 had the name - Kazbegi. The village is located at an altitude of 1744 m, in the eastern part of the Central Caucasus, at the foot of Mount Kazbek.

Mount Kazbek (Georgian: Mkinvartsveri (or Mkinvari), translated from Georgian ice peak (peak) - an extinct stratovolcano, the easternmost five-thousander of the Caucasus, 5033.8 m high. It is located in the eastern part of the Central Caucasus, on the border of Russia and Georgia.

The first ascent to the peak of Kazbek was made in 1868 by the English 23-year-old D. Freshfield, Tukker and Moore (from the southeast slope).

It is currently a very popular mountain among climbers and tourists from all over the world.

Climbing routes from 2A to 3B of complexity category, from Russia and Georgia.

During the ascent to Kazbek from the village of Stepantsminda, you will visit: Church of the Holy Trinity (Tsminda Sameba). The temple is at an altitude (2170 m). This is a cross-domed church built in the 14th century in Georgia. The only temple of this type in the Kazbeg district.

Next is the Saberce Pass (Arsha) (2930 meters), the language of the Gergeti Glacier, a weather station (3600 m) and approximately at an altitude (3800 m) on an 80-meter rock wall in the cave is the ancient Betlemi Monastery (Bethlehem).

Svaneti is a historical mountainous region in the north-west of Georgia, inhabited by Svans.

Geographically and historically, Svaneti is divided into Upper and Lower, separated by the Svaneti ridge. Upper Svaneti is an alpine valley in the upper reaches of the Inguri River. In administrative terms, Upper Svaneti is the Mestian region of the Samegrelo-Upper Svaneti region with its center in the urban settlement. Mestia. From the north and east, Upper Svaneti is bordered by the Main Caucasian Range with the peaks of Shkhara, Ushba, Tetnuldi, etc., along which the Georgian-Russian border passes. From the west, the area is separated by the Khurum ridge from the Kodori Gorge. Upper Svaneti was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Mestia - an urban-type settlement, is the cultural and religious center of the mountain of Svaneti. There is a historical and ethnographic museum in the village, where unique icons and manuscripts are stored, a house museum and a bust of a native of Mestia, the famous climber M.V. Khergiani (buried here). Several dozens of medieval Svan stone houses with watch and residential towers have been preserved here; churches (X - XIV centuries), including Matskhvari (Spas), Targzel (Holy Archangels) and others. Numerous medieval churches and fortifications of the Mestia region are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Mestia is also a center of alpine tourism and mountaineering; from here ascents to the peaks of Ushba, Dzhangi-tau, Shkhara and others begin. On December 1, 2010 the first ski resort was opened here. Now there are two of them: Hatsvali and Tetnuldi

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