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Climbing Kazbek, Ararat, Suphan, Nemrut crater. Turkey-Georgia

Climbing Kazbek, Ararat, Suphan, Nemrut Crater  

The mountain is a legend, a symbol, a whole story, a dream of many nations and generations. Ararat is traditionally associated with the biblical legend of the Flood and Noah's Ark

Kazbek - the dream of climbers from around the world. Admire the morning and evening views of one of the most beautiful peaks of the Caucasus. It will be an unforgettable experience.

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Turkey - Georgia
Tour type:
Expeditions and ascents
From South
Number of participants:
From 4 to 12
Maximum height:
5895 m
June - August
Start of the program:
Finish program:
18 days
2 000 USD

Day 1

Arrival in Tbilisi. Transfer to the hotel from the airport. Hotel accommodation. Dinner.

Day 2

Breakfast. Check out On the way excursion: Mtskheta - one of the oldest cities in Georgia and the first capital of the country, founded in the fifth century. Next, stop in Borjomi. Tour. Visit the park and sources. Lunch, transfer to Akhaltsikhe. Visiting Rabat. Overnight in Akhaltsikhe.

Day 3

Breakfast. Transfer to PPC checkpoint Vale. Transfer time 20-30 minutes. Here we pass the passport control and cross the border with Turkey. On the Turkish side we are waiting for a mini-bass, which will deliver to the city of  Van. Travel time is 5 hours. Hotel accommodation. Dinner

Day 4

After breakfast, we will visit the Van Castle and the Church of the Holy Cross on Akhtamar Island, after we will move to the crater of Nemrut. Overnight in tent.

Day 5

In the morning we climb to the crater Nemrut (2948 m), 5-6 hours. Then we return to our camp, rest, lunch. Transfer to Suphan mountains. Camp at an altitude of 2750 meters. Overnight in tent.

Day 6

Early breakfast at 2:00. Climb to the top Suphan (4100 m). Return to the camp, rest. Transfer to Dogubayazit. Check in at the hotel.

Day 7

Moving towards Mount Ararat. Moving to the village of Eli (2200m), from there we will start to climb to the base camp at an altitude of 3200m. Overnight stay.

Day 8

After breakfast we start to climb to the camp at an altitude of 4200m. One night there.

Day 9

Climb to the top of Ararat (5137 m). Descent to the camp at 3200m. Overnight in tent.

Day 10

Reserve day in case of bad weather in camp 4200m

Day 11

Breakfast, go down to the village of Eli (2200 m). Then our driver will take you to the city of Dogubayazit. Check in at the hotel, rest, shower, lunch. Next will be a cultural tour of the places Ishak Pasha, Iranian meteorite crater Borderi, Noah's Ark, Turkish bath, overnight at the hotel.

Day 12

Breakfast, transfer by car to the checkpoint Vale. Transfer to the city of Borjomi. Next, stop in Borjomi. Hotel accommodation. Tour. Visit the park and sources. Dinner, wine, etc.

Day 13

Breakfast, transfer to Stepantsminda (Kazbegi). Overnight in a guest house, hotel. Preparing for climbing, getting equipment for hire, purchasing food, etc.

Day 14

The beginning of the ascent to Kazbek. We rise to the pass and descend a little to the Sabertse green glade, snack, rest. Further rise to the Gergeti glacier. We follow the tongue of the glacier to the weather station (3600 m). Overnight in tents.

Included in the price: throwing a jeep to the church and further throwing backpacks on horseback (cargo up to 75 kg) to the weather station

Day 15

Climbing Kazbek (5033 m.) 5-7 hours. Early exit at 03:00. Descent to the meteorological station and further, as a group, to the green glade Sabertse. Overnight in tents.

Day 16

Reserve day in case of bad weather.

Day 17

Descent to Stepantsminda. Check in at the guest house. Festive dinner.

Day 18

Transfer to Tbilisi. Departure See you on the new routes!

Tbilisi - Mtskheta - Borjomi - Akhaltsikha - Akhaltsikhe Rabat fortress - PPC checkpoint Vale  -Van - Van Castle - Church of the Holy Cross on Akhtamar Island - crater Nemrut (2948 m) – Summit Suphan (4100 m) – Dogubayazit - Eli (2200 m) - base camp (3200 m) - camp (4200 m) – Summit Ararat (5137 m) - base camp (3200 m) - Eli (2200 m) – Dogubayazit - PPC Checkpoint Vale - Borjomi - Stepantsminda - Weather Station (3600 m) - the peak of Kazbek (5033.8 m) - Saberza glade - Stepantsminda - Tbilisi

The cost of a package of services - from 2000 US dollars *


  • All transfers
  • Accommodation in hotels (guest houses)
  • Ararat (breakfast on the mountain, one lunch on the mountain, 2 liters of water per day, horses, a tent, cats, sleeping mats, a certificate of climbing, cook services, permission (permit) to climb)
  • Kazbek (transfer to church, horse)
  • Guide services

Not included:

  • Flight, road to / from Tbilisi

Brief information on the area and route

Kazbek Mountain (Georgian Mkinvartsveri (or Mkinvari), translated from Georgian ice (th) peak (top) - an extinct stratovolcano, the most eastern five thousand meters of the Caucasus, height 5033.8 m. It is located in the eastern part of the Central Caucasus, on the border of Russia and Georgia

Mount Ararat is a mountain, stratovolcano and the highest volcanic massif of the Armenian Highland in eastern Turkey. About 30 (20) km from the border with Armenia (Iran) is located. The massif consists of two cones of sleeping volcanoes merged by the bases: the Big Ararat (5137 m) and the Small Ararat (3896 m). The summit of Big Ararat is the highest point of Turkey. The distance between the peaks of the Great and Small Ararat is 11 km.  

Syupkhan is a mountain, stratovolcano, 4033 m high, is the second highest volcano (after Ararat) located in eastern Turkey. Located in the region of Lake Van.

Nemrut is a mountain, stratovolcano, 2948 m high, located in eastern Turkey, near the Van Lake. The top of the volcano crater represents wherein is currently same lake.

Additional Information

  • Children under 14 years old are allowed on the route only if accompanied by adults.
  • The host party has the right to change the route according to weather conditions and the state of the group
  • The cost of the voucher does not include: optional excursions, transfers outside the program, environmental fees, etc.
  • It is possible to provide additional services by prior arrangement: additional transfers, personal equipment hire, hotel booking, recreation, etc.
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