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Climbing Tetnuld (4869 m)

Climbing Tetnuld (4869 m), Svaneti, Georgia

Tetnuld is one of the most beautiful peaks of the Caucasus. She is taller than Mont Blanc and much more interesting. According to the mountaineering classification, ascent along the southeast ridge corresponds to category 2b of difficulty. From the top of Tetnuldi you can enjoy stunning views of the beautiful Ushba. In this tour you will have two ascents:  m. Vakhushti (3879 m) and  m. Tetnuld (4869 m)

Before or after climbing to the top of Tetnuld, many participants choose a tour - Climbing Kazbek

Tour type:
Expeditions and ascents
Mestia, Svaneti
Number of participants:
From 2 people
Maximum height:
4869 m
June - September
Start of the program:
Finish program:
9 days
600 USD

Day 1

The group gathers in the village of Mestia. Here acquaintance takes place, purchase of food, fuel, registration with rescuers, border guards. Overnight at the hostel. It is easier to get here through Tbilisi. Night train from Tbilisi to Zugdidi, from where at 6 in the morning transfer to Mestia settlement. Here you will find a bunch of minibuses, the road to the village of Mestia takes 3 hours. As additional options - arrival in Batumi or in Kutaisi

Day 2-4

Acclimatization and training climbing. Alpine village of Ushguli (2200 m). Going to the lower Inguri nights. Narzan. Overnight. The next day, the transition to the upper Inguri overnight stays to the beautiful lake. Classes. Overnight. Climbing to Vakhushti (3879 m), 1b dif.

Day 5
Descent to Ushguli. Transfer to the middle station of the cableway. Going to the start of the climb to Tetnuld

Day 6
Ascent to the Nageb pass (3700 m). Overnight stay

Day 7
Climbing toTetnuld in the southwest, 2b dif.

Day 8
A spare day in case of bad weather. Then descend to the cable car and transfer to Mestia. Overnight at the hostel

Day 9
Visit to the historical museum and the museum of M. Khergiani. Departure

Attention! Different changes are possible along the way, depending on the weather and the state of the group.
Optionally, on the way back, you can relax at sea in Cabuletti.

Tbilisi (Batumi, Kutaisi) - Mestia - Ushguli - lower Ingur nights - upper Ingur nights - Climbing to Vahushti (3879 m) – Ushguli - Nageb pass (3700 m) - Ascent to Tetnuld  (4869 m) - Mestia - Tbilisi (Batumi, Kutaisi)

The cost of a package of services - from 600 US dollars *

* depends on the number of participants, living conditions, airfare ......

Included in the price:

  • qualified instructor
  • accommodation in a hostel two nights
  • transfers Mestia-Ushguli-cablecar-Mestia
  • group climbing equipment
  • registration with border guards and rescuers
  • food
  • first aid kit

The price does not include:

  • Flight to Georgia and back
  • travel Tbilisi (Batumi, Kutaisi) - Mestia - Tbilisi (Batumi, Kutaisi)
  • insurance
  • personal equipment

You must have the following equipment:

  • climbing boots
  • cats
  • ice ax
  • climbing safety system
  • helmet
  • two self-insurance and 4 carbines
  • sleeping bag and karemat
  • flashlight
  • tent for 2 to 3 people (negotiated in advance)
  • sunglasses with a factor of 3-4
  • warm clothes, etc.

Attention! Different changes are possible along the way, depending on the weather and the state of the group.

Optionally, on the way back, you can relax at sea in Cabuletti.

Short description:

Svaneti is a historical mountainous region in the north-west of Georgia, inhabited by Svans.

Geographically and historically, Svaneti is divided into Upper and Lower, separated by the Svaneti ridge. Upper Svaneti is an alpine valley in the upper reaches of the Inguri River. In administrative terms, Upper Svaneti is the Mestian region of the Samegrelo-Upper Svaneti region with its center in the urban settlement. Mestia. From the north and east, Upper Svaneti is bordered by the Main Caucasian Range with the peaks of Shkhara, Ushba, Tetnuldi, etc., along which the Georgian-Russian border passes. From the west, the area is separated by the Khurum ridge from the Kodori Gorge. Upper Svaneti was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Mestia - an urban-type settlement, is the cultural and religious center of the mountain of Svaneti. There is a historical and ethnographic museum in the village, where unique icons and manuscripts are stored, a house museum and a bust of a native of Mestia, the famous climber M.V. Khergiani (buried here). Several dozens of medieval Svan stone houses with watch and residential towers have been preserved here; churches (X - XIV centuries), including Matskhvari (Spas), Targzel (Holy Archangels) and others. Numerous medieval churches and fortifications of the Mestia region are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Mestia is also a center of alpine tourism and mountaineering; from here ascents to the peaks of Ushba, Dzhangi-tau, Shkhara and others begin. On December 1, 2010 the first ski resort was opened here. Now there are two of them: Hatsvali and Tetnuldi

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