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Climbing, Trekking, Coffee, Beach. Colombia

4 in 1: Climbing the Nevado del Tolima volcano (5221 m), Coffee tour, Lost City trek, Caribbean lodge beach 

The best Colombia exploration program that combines outdoor and cultural activities, discovering the natural diversity of the region. The program extends from the metropolitan atmosphere of Bogota to the remote snow-capped volcanoes of the central Andes, tropical rainforests and archaeological ruins of the lost city, ending with the beautiful beaches of the Colombian Caribbean coast.

Highlights of the trip:

  • 5-day ascent to the snow-covered volcano Nevado del Tolima (5221 m), located in the Los Nevados National Park,
  • 1-day coffee tour in the Salento area of ​​the city, in the heart of the traditional coffee zone of Colombia,
  • 4 days trekking in La Ciudad Perdida in the Tayronas area, known as the "Lost City",
  • At the end of this amazing program will be a visit to the famous Tayrona National Park with an easy walk and acquaintance with the best Caribbean beaches of Colombia.
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Tour type:
Expeditions and ascents
All Colombia
Number of participants:
From 1 people
Maximum height:
5221 m
November 15 to March
Start of the program:
Finish program:
15 days
2 550 USD
Tours dates
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Day 1
Meeting at the airport of Bogota, transfer to the hotel, which is located in the tourist area - Parque 93, famous for its excellent restaurants and wonderful atmosphere.

Day 2
Breakfast. City tour in the historical part of Bogota at an altitude (2660 m). The first visit is a cable car ride to Montserrat Sanctuary, an iconic church located at an altitude of 3152 m overlooking the city. The tour will then continue on foot to see the charming colonial area known as La Candelaria and its main attractions: La Plaza Bolivar (Bogota's mains square), the Museum of the famous Colombian artist Botero and the world famous Gold Museum.
Duration 6-7 hours.

Day 3
Meeting at the hotel, transfer to the airport, flight (1 hour) to the city of Armenia / Pereira. Upon arrival, a transport will be waiting for us to take the group to the beautiful town of Salento (1919 m). Typical coffee town with colonial paisa architecture and a relaxed atmosphere. In the afternoon, the group will go on a coffee excursion to one of the traditional coffee farms in the area. The Coffee Tour will show you the entire coffee production from seed to final product. It also includes a very pedagogical coffee tasting, to learn about the different types and properties of local coffee.
Overnight at the hotel.
Meals included: breakfast

Day 4 (Beginning of climbing Tolima volcano)
Early departure by jeep to the picturesque Cocora Valley (30 minutes) located at an altitude of 2425 meters, decorated with the national tree of Colombia: the Wax Palm. Having enjoyed this place, the staff will prepare the luggage for the pack animals. The ascent begins along the beaten path through the primary mountainous rainforest. The trail goes up the "Quebrada Cardenas" along the river of the same name, which is slowly gaining height. A few meters above the tree line is a mountain farm called "La Argentina" (3483 m), a beautiful place between a disappearing forest and an alpine meadow known as "Paramo". This small farm will be a haven for the night. The place is very rustic and humble, but with a lot of charm and local atmosphere. This track is ideal for acclimatization for the coming days.
Overnight in tents.
Ascent: 1058 m / Highest altitude: 3483 m / Distance 10.7 km / Activity duration: 6-7 h.
Meals included: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner

Day 5
After a good local breakfast and rest, we will continue our ascent along the northern edge of the "Quebrada Cardenas", bypassing an abandoned farm called Buenos Aires and from there descending to the river crossing, we follow the ascending path to the mountain pass known as "La Linea" (4019 m), which separates the states of Quindio and Tolima. There is a wonderful viewpoint on the "Paramillo del Quindio" (4745 m), the highest peak in the state of Quindio, and on the Nevado del Tolima in the neighboring valley. From the pass, you can easily walk down to "La Primavera / La Playa Farm" (3769 m), another modest place where you can enjoy the hot local drink "Agua de Panela" (hot drink with raw sugar) or coffee.
Overnight in tents.
Ascent: 536 m / Descent: 250 m / Highest altitude: 4019 m / Distance: 5.8 km / Activity duration: 4-5 hours
Meals included: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner

Day 6
Today we need to climb to the high camp of Nevado del Tolima (4345 m). The team will have a calm morning, they will prepare everything necessary for the ascent. The group will start trekking in the Tolima Valley before noon, which is a gentle climb and a very pleasant hike, with beautiful landscapes and views of the volcanoes and valleys below. The last part of the hike goes up a steep mountain slope to the ridge known as "El Calvito" and from there a short walk to a camping site called "Arenales" which lies over the yellow sand moraine. This camp can be quite windy and exposed, but with very beautiful views. After setting up the camp, the guide will instruct you about the ascent the next day and help prepare everything. Before the camp there will be horses carrying equipment, food, water, etc.
Overnight in a tent.
Ascent: 576 m / Highest altitude: 4345 m / Distance: 8.4 km / Activity duration: 4-5 hours
Meals included: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner

Day 7
Very early departure, ascent along a series of moraines of different steepness and several climbing passages to the glacier at an altitude of 4750 m. Here the group prepares for the glacier trek by starting on a very light slope, passing a couple of ice cliffs before the final plateau where the main crater is located, and then reaching the summit. Nevado del Tolima (5221 m) is an active volcano and the third highest peak in the central cordillera. The ascent is not technical, but it requires physical effort, not only because of the ascent, but because of the distance that must be overcome. Descent along the same path to the camp. After a good break and packing the camp, the team will head to"La Primavera / La Playa Farm" (3769 m)
Overnight in a tent.
Ascent: 876 m / Descent: 1452 m / Highest Altitude: 5221 m / Distance to summit: 2.8 km and from summit to farm: 11.2 km / Activity duration: 8-10 hours
Meals included: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner

Day 8
Today is the last day in the mountains. We descend through beautiful landscapes and tropical forests, a semicircular ascent that completes the trail in the famous Cocora valley, a spectacular valley located at an altitude of 2425 meters, decorated with the national tree of Colombia: the Wax Palm. Once in the Cocora Valley, the group will be picked up and taken to the beautiful city of Salento (1919 m) in traditional Willys jeeps (25 min.), which are a symbol of the coffee area´s coffee culture. Upon arrival in Salento, the group will be taken to a hotel located in the colonial part of the city. You will have a good time to enjoy the city and drink the best coffee in Colombia!
Overnight at the hotel.
Descent: 1058 m / Maximum altitude: 3483 m / Distance 10.7 km / Activity duration: 4-5 hours
Meals included: breakfast, lunch

Day 9
Transfer to Armenia / Pereira airport (1 hour) and domestic flight (3 hours) to Santa Marta via Bogota. Upon arrival in Santa Marta, transfer (45 min.) to a centrally located hotel and depending on arrival time, you will have a 2-3 hour walking tour of this historic city. It is actually the first city founded in Colombia by the Spanish. On the evening, briefing and preparation for the upcoming trip to the Lost City.
Overnight at the hotel.
Meals included: breakfast

Day 10 (Lost City Trek begins)
Pick up at your hotel in the morning and transfer by 4WD vehicles to the northeast along the Caribbean coast. In 1-1.5 hours we will turn off the asphalt road and here Adventure begins! After about 1 hour driving on a dirt road, through a beautiful landscape, the village of "El Mamey" (150 m) appears, also called "Machete Pelado". Lunch will be served immediately upon arrival and then the trek to "Ciudad Perdida" starts. The hike will be exposed to sun or rain on this day, so it is important to have plenty of water and suncream! Tropical fruits are offered during the hike. The group will follow the river path, which is more pleasant than the main road. This trail follows the valley of the "Quebrada del Alto Mamey" river for about 1 hour, and then ascends steeply (1.5 hours) to the "El Mirador" Pass (640 m), from where there is a beautiful view of the city of Mamey and the Buritaca River. From here there is a constant descent (1.5 hours) to the "Quebrada Honduras" river, where the "Donde Adan" lodge (480 m) is located. At the lodge you can swim in the beautiful natural river basin. Dinner will be served at this rustic hut.
Night in hammocks.
Ascent: 490 m / Descent: 160 m / Maximum altitude: 640 m / Distance: 8.9 km / Activity duration: 4 hours
Meals included: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner

Day 11
This is the longest day on the program. After an early breakfast, the ascent immediately begins along a well-marked trail, which gradually gains altitude to the "Mumake" pass (680 m). In front of the pass there is an invisible border between the lands of "Colonos" (Peasants, not from this area) and the territory of the Indigenous peoples of "Kogi". From now on, the trek will pass through the territory protected and managed by this tribe. There are also “Wiwa’s” Indians from another sector of the Sierra who settled in these valleys and now own some of the lodges. It is also a notable transition from vast agricultural land to better preserved and much less exploded areas. From the mountain pass, a relatively quick descent to the "Buritaka" river valley (430 m), where the only village of Kogi is located on the route. This village is called "Montangi" and is the ideal place to experience the local lifestyle and traditions. After about 1 hour, the trail leads over a suspension bridge over the river and leads to the second ascent (2 hours) to the "Koskunguena" pass (824 m), and then back to the "Buritaka" river (743 m) for the last crossing. The last part of the day is an almost level area to the village house "El Paraiso" (870 m), a place to sleep. This lodge is located right on the banks of the "Buritaka" river, a fantastic place to relax and swim.
Night in hammocks.
To the Mumake pass: Ascent: 200 m / Descent: 250 m / Maximum altitude: 680 m.
To the Koskunguena Pass: Ascent: 394 m / Descent to the Buritaka River: 77 m / Ascent to the El Paraiso lodge: 127 m / Highest altitude: 824 m / Distance: 13.6 km / Activity duration: 7-8 hours
Meals included: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner

Day 12    
Very early departure taking the trail on the right margin of the Buritaca river for about 25 min. up to a crossing, once on the other margin, the archaeological stairway begins ascending rather steeply all the way to the first terraces of the Lost City (1175 m). From here begins a journey through time, to one of the most interesting archaeological sites of Colombia’s pre-Hispanic period. The Lost City of the Tayrona is worldwide known. Its original Indigenous name is “Teyuna” and is one of the three large citadels of vanished Tayrona civilization. Teyuna is the only city that has been discovered until now and thus partially restored. Tayrona’s cities were connected by a complex network of trails, from the Caribbean coastal area to the high mountain in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The Tayrona had a well-developed social organization and an effective system of products and goods exchange between the different settlements. Although there is no precise information of the role of Teyuna in the Tayrona culture, it is believed that it was a place for religious worship and center of political power. During the course of 4 hours visit to the archaeological complex, the group will learn about the different types of terraces and how the city was divided into areas according to hierarchy and types of work. During the visit, it is possible to see the home of a Kogi Mamo (shaman-wise person) who lives in the same traditional way, as it is thought the inhabitants did. It is also believed that the Kogis are descendants from the Tayronas, pushed to the higher lands during the Spanish conquest. After the visit, hike down to “El Paraiso” lodge to have some lunch and then continue (4,5 h), back on the same trail as the day before, but this time a bit further out, crossing the hanging bridge and down the Buritaca river valley, passing once again the “Montangi” Kogi settlement to “Mumake” lodge (389 m), just at the foot of the “Mumake” pass.
Night in hammocks.
To Lost City: Ascent: 305 m / Descend: 305 m / Highest altitude: 1175 m / Distance one-way: 1,9 Km / Activity duration: 5 including a 3 hours visit.
Ascent to Koskunguena pass: 77 m / Descend to “Mumake” lodge: 481 m / Highest altitude: 870 m / Distance one-way: 7,5 Km / Activity duration: 4 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner

Day 13    
Last trekking day! From “Mumake” lodge (389 m), the ascent being right from the front step, leading up to “Mumake” pass (680 M) and after descending to “Quebrada Honduras” river to ascent (1,5 h)  to the last pass: “EL Mirador” (640 m) and then to the final destination “El Mamey” town (150 m). Upon arrival there will be lunch and then a transfer to hotel/Beach lodge (2-2,5 h).
Night in hotel/Beach lodge.
Ascent to Mumake pass: 291 m / Descend to “Donde Adan” lodge: 200 m / Ascent to El Mirador pass: 160 m / Descend: 490 m / Highest altitude: 680 m / Distance: 14,2 Km / Activity duration: 4-5 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Picnic

Day 14 (Caribbean lodge beach. Tayrona National Park)
Full-day tour to the Tayrona National Park. This is one of the most famous natural parks in Colombia with some of the most beautiful beaches of the Colombian Caribbean coast,  right at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the world´s highest coastal mountain range.  The park has a protected area of 150 km2 of land and 30 Km2 of sea, being the second most visited park in the country. 
Due to its privilege location, there is a huge biodiversity and also archeological ruins like “Pueblito”. From the park’s main parking lot there is a light hike by the beach line to the Arrecife’s area (1 h), an iconic place within the park. From there, another 25 min. to La Piscina beach and 20 min.  more to El Cabo San Juan.  There will be good time to enjoy these idilic Caribbean beaches and the nature of the place. Lunch will be held at a local place, where they prepare traditional fish. On the afternoon, return back to lodge.
Night at beach lodge.
Included meals: Breakfast

Day 15    
Pick up at the hotel and transfer out to Santa Martas Airport (1 h). Flight to Bogota for international connection in the evening. See you soon!
Included meals: Breakfast

Brief article about Peru, Colombia and Ecuador - read

Bogota (2660 m) - Salento (1919 m)  - “La Argentina” farm (3483 m) - "La Linea" pass  (4019 m)  - “La Primavera” farm (3769 m) - Tolima’s high camp (4345 m) - Climbing Tolima Volcano (5221 m) - Salento (1919 m) - Armenia/Pereira - Santa Marta - “Donde Adan” lodge (480 m) - “El Paraiso” lodge (800 m) - Lost City (1320 m) - El Mamey (150 m) - Tayrona National Park - Bogota (2660 m)

The cost of the full package of services -  from 2550 USD*
* cost for a group of 6 people 


  • Local English speaking city guide in Bogota day 2
  • Local English speaking mountain guide from day 3 to 9 from 2 to 5 PAX
  • Local English speaking mountain guide during the entire program from 6 PAX on
  • Local assistant mountain guide from 4 people in Los Nevados
  • Local assistant mountain guide for the summit day Ratio: 1:3 in Los Nevados
  • Local Spanish trekking guide in the Lost City from 2 to 5 PAX
  • Lost City trek in shared international group from 2 to 5 PAX*
  • Lost City trek in private group from 6 PAX on
  • Shared transportation to/from the Lost City trek from 2 to 5 PAX
  • Private transportation throughout the entire program from 6 PAX on
  • Bogota – Half day city tour
  • Coffee tour in Salento
  • Santa Marta – Half day city tour
  • Tayrona National Park full day tour
  • National Parks entrance fees and park’s insurances
  • 2 nights in shared double rooms in the City of Bogotá
  • 2 nights in shared double rooms in the town of Salento
  • 1 night in shared double rooms in the City of Santa Marta
  • 2 nights in shared double rooms in Beach Lodge
  • 4 nights in shared double tents at campsites in Los Nevados N.P.
  • 3 nights in hammocks in the Lost City trek
  • Quality mountain tents – 2 pax per tent in Los Nevados
  • Group common campsite equipment
  • Pack animals for group/personal campsite equipment, food and pax personal gear in Los Nevados N.P.*
  • Pack animals for personal gear during the Lost City trek from 6 PAX on*
  • Cook in Los Nevados and the lost city trek
  • Included meals specified in the day to day itinerary

Not Included:

  • Domestic or international flights
  • Separate airport transfers in case of multiple arrival/departures
  • Pack animals for luggage during the Lost City Trek for groups between 2 and 5 PAX
  • English translator for the Lost City trek for groups between 2 to 5 PAX
  • Personal climbing and camping gear
  • Insurance
  • Tips
  • Everything not mentioned in the “Included” list


  • Domestic flight tickets in Colombia - from 225 USD
  • For an additional payment: single room and tent, equipment rental

Los Nevados National Park is one of the highest mountain parks in the country, located in the central ridge of the Andes and in the traditional coffee zone of Colombia. The protected area covers an area of ​​583 sq. km and includes four states: Caldas, Risaralda, Quindio and Tolima. There are three large snow-covered volcanoes: Nevado del Ruiz (5321 m), Nevado del Tolima (5221 m) and Nevado del Santa Isabel (4965 m) and two small craters: Paramillo del Quindio (4745 m) and El Cisne (4750 m), plus many alpine lakes, being the biggest one: El Otun lake.  An area of ​​extraordinary beauty and your trekking will pass through many temperature climatic zones where you can appreciate the biodiversity characteristic of the country. The ascents are not technically difficult, but the area is known for the long distances that must be covered during daily treks.

La Ciudad Perdida of the Tayronas, known in English as The Lost City, is one of the best-restored and preserved archeological sites in the country. It is located in the Buritaca valley in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest costal range in the world. There are only two ways to visit the citadel; one is trekking or the other a helicopter’s flight. The trek implies not only a challenge, but also an additional experience that enriches the trip. The trek to the Lost City is an adventure in itself with its beautiful and varied landscapes, fauna and flora. Trekking in a tropical rain forest is hot and with high levels of humidity, which can be challenging for some. One of the main rewards of this program is getting an insight into the traditional way of living of the indigenous groups of the Sierra.

Brief article about Peru, Colombia and Ecuador - read

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