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Surf Camp with tutorials. Bali

Surf Camp with tutorials. Uluwatu Puri, Bali, Indonesia

This 3-in-1 tour (warm sea, training programs with the best instructors, beautiful excursions), you will remember for a lifetime. The tour includes:

● 10 nights and 11 days in a villa, breakfast
● 6 surfing lessons
● 3 island sightseeing tours
● Transfer from / to the airport
● Transfer to surf spots and during excursions
● Surf boards and equipment

Tour type:
Surfing and diving
Bali, Indonesia
Number of participants:
From 1 person
January - April
Start of the program:
Finish program:
11 days
900 USD
Tours dates
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The training program is designed for beginners of the zero and advanced levels and is suitable for those who just want to get on the board, as well as for those who have already completed the basic course at the surf school

Day 1

Meeting at the airport. Check in at the surf hotel Puri Uluwatu Villas. Acquaintance with the team. Overview of the area - markets, fruits, shops, beaches. Safety lecture

Day 2

Breakfast in the hotel. First surf lesson. Lesson analysis, coach recommendations. Rest Dinner at sunset in the most beautiful place in the South of the island, where the sun sets in the ocean and the sky plays with hundreds of flowers *

* Transfer to \ to the restaurant and payment of the ordered dishes in the cost of the surf tour is not included.

Day 3

Breakfast in the hotel. Second surf lesson. Lesson analysis, coach recommendations. Recreation Sunset on the ocean in a seafood restaurant in the company of shrimp, lobster, crab and fish *

* Transfer to \ to the restaurant and payment of the ordered dishes in the cost of the surf tour is not included.

Day 4

Early rise. Breakfast in the hotel. Full day sightseeing tour. We go to the very north of Bali, meditate in one of the oldest and largest temples of the island, Pura Besakih, located on the slope of the active volcano Agung. We swim in the thermal spring at the foot of the Batur volcano. Feed the monkeys in the sacred forest of monkeys. We will visit the coffee plantation and try the most expensive coffee in the world.

* Food expenses, souvenirs, photozones are not included in the cost of the excursion. ** Carry a sunblock, bathing suit, towel, dry clothes, warm sweater, pocket money

Day 5

Breakfast in the hotel. Third surf lesson. Lesson analysis, coach recommendations. Recreation Lecture. We celebrate the end of the working week in one of the best bars in Bali, where a stunning view of the Indian Ocean opens from a cliff, and crowds of drunken surfers have fun under the fiery rhythms of Balinese DJs.

Day 6

Beach day. Breakfast in the hotel. We stock up on sunscreens, beachwear and explore the beaches of the Bukit Peninsula! There will be many cool photos! The most beautiful beaches of Bali: nyang nyang - one of the untouched wild melasti beaches - beautiful at low tide, reef baths with clear azure water and huge grains of sand the size of beads, one love padang padang - the very beach where the episode was shot from the movie " Eat, pray, love "greenball - a couple of hundred steps, a small beach surrounded by cliffs and a spot for surfing Pandava - a tourist beach with classic entertainment, umbrellas, kayaks. We return home after sunset.
* The cost of food and souvenirs are not included in the price of the tour

Day 7

Breakfast in the hotel. Fourth surfing lesson. Lesson analysis, coach recommendations. Recreation Lecture. Free day

Day 8

Early rise. Breakfast in the hotel. Moving to the largest cascading waterfall in Asia, Secumpul Waterfall! Let’s look at the abandoned Bedugul Hotel, where, according to legend, all the staff disappeared one day, where everything is steeped in secrecy and protected by ghosts) We will drive along a scenic road between mountain lakes, Beratan, Buyan and Temblingan, enjoy a panoramic view, take a picture in nests, boats, wigwams and swing on a background of mountains and clouds.
* The cost of food, souvenirs and photo zones are not included in the price of the tour.
 ** Carry a sunblock, bathing suit, towel, dry clothes, warm sweater, pocket money

Day 9

Breakfast in the hotel. Fifth surfing lesson. Lesson analysis, coach recommendations. Recreation Lecture. Free day

Day 10

Breakfast in the hotel. Sixth surf lesson. Lesson analysis, coach recommendations. Rest Dinner - BBQ in the villa

Day 11

Breakfast in the hotel. Packing suitcases. Checkout. Airport transfer


Upon completion of the course, students will learn basic skills and will be able to surf on their own in the future

Each student will learn:

  • Choose a spot / wave suitable for your level, taking into account the bottom peculiarity, tidal level size and type of wave
  • Understand wave forecast and plan a surf session
  • Choose the right equipment based on your level and type of wave
  • Independently catch and glide along the wave performing maneuvers and observing safety rules
  • He will master all the necessary theoretical part and will be able to spend hours telling his friends about the ocean swell and legendary waves



Airport - Uluwatu Puri - Airport

The cost of a package of services - from 900 US dollars *


  • Includes 10 nights (11 days) of hotel accommodation, 6 lessons of surfing (including equipment), 3 excursions around the island, transfer to / from the airport, transfers to surf spots, breakfasts.

Not included:

  • air travel, medical insurance, meals (lunch / dinner)


  • After school, you can extend your stay at our hotel, subject to availability or choose a hotel elsewhere
  • After completing the basic course, we will also offer you an additional 4-day surf trip to a neighboring island.

The cost of food, rental vehicles, sim cards, souvenirs, etc. are not included in the tour price. You must have money for food and pocket expenses with you. Money for food at the rate of $ 20 (this is an average check. Someone more, but less is not desirable)


Villa Uluwatu Puri is a mini hotel built by surfers for surfers. The villa is located on a cliff overlooking the world famous surf spot Uluwatu Puri, which is translated from the Indonesian language as a castle. The design and architecture of the villa resemble the traditional structure of the Balinese nobility. Massive voluminous rooms are finished with wood and stone. The territory of the villa is quite large, most rooms have ocean views, while the rest have a tropical garden and a natural stone pool. Hotel owners are Balinese and American surfers, winners of many championships. The stars of world surfing such as: Kelly Slater, Mick Fenning, Andy Irons have repeatedly stayed at this villa. The organizers of the WSL Major League Surfing World Tour and many other famous personalities have stopped. The villa has 10 rooms, there is private access to the beach, the stairs take 5 minutes. In walking distance cafes, bars, clubs.

Accommodation in the villa and rooms

  1. Superior Double room D + 1S
  2. Honeymoon Cottage D
  3. Deluxe double room D
  4. Deluxe honeymoon cottage D + 1S
  5. Nirvana Superior Seaview D + 1S
  6. Nirvana Standart Double room D
  7. Estate Queen D + 2S
  8. Estate Twin 2S + 1S
  9. Nirvana twin 2s
  10. Tower house 4s

D - this is one large king size bed for 2 persons S - single bed In rooms in which there is a "+" it is possible to install additional single beds

Attention! Rooms 1-7 are suitable for separate living with surcharge of $ 300

Briefly about the format of the surf lesson

  • Theoretical part. The head coach conducts a group theoretical and practical lesson in the villa (30 min.)
  •  Transfer. Departure for surf spot. The place of practice is determined the day before the lesson and depends on weather conditions (wave height / wind / tide level) and the level of the group. The duration of the trip to surf spots from 5 to 30 minutes. Boat trips are possible
  • The practical part. Surfing. Pupils are divided into groups of 4-5 people. Each group is assigned a supervisor instructor (it can be either local or Russian) *, which will monitor the tasks and goals of the lesson and ensure the safety of students. The head coach controls the process from the shore, water or air (drone) depending on the conditions, makes adjustments if necessary. The duration of the practice in water is 2 hours.

* Local instructors, supervisors, as a rule, are more effective in the framework of the tasks (start / push on the wave, determine the best spot on the spot, etc.) as they are better versed in the area and better read the specific wave. The correctness of the tasks, correcting errors, setting new tasks is controlled by a Russian-speaking trainer.

  • Analysis. 1 hour. Upon returning to the villa and relaxing, students will receive photo / video analysis, work on errors. Students receive individual recommendations and tasks for training skills. Equipment is issued if desired, if there is one - this is welcome

Head Coach

Experience surf instructor / coach 6 years. Trained over 1,500 people. He worked at schools, surf camps and as an individual trainer / coach in different countries (Philippines, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka). Previously, he worked as a business coach in large international companies: Nokia, Samsung, Microsoft. This experience allows you to apply the best teaching methods and has a positive effect on the effectiveness of surf lessons. According to students, the effectiveness (speed and simplicity of acquiring surfing skills) of his training is higher than in most standard surf schools and surf camps.


The price of the tour is not included, but it is advisable to issue additionally. Medicine in Indonesia is expensive. Sports insurance is not necessarily classic enough. Surfing is an extreme sport, but there are no specific injuries there. You can get the same injuries just by swimming in the ocean.


The price of excursions includes transfer, entrance tickets. Food expenses (lunch and dinner are not included in the tour). Money for food and souvenirs is desirable to have with you.


  • Sekumpul Waterfall - an observation deck of the mountain volcanic lakes Beratan, Buyan and Temblingan - Abandoned Bedugul Hotel
  • Sacred Monkey Forest - Coffee Plantation - Hot Springs at the Foot of Batur Volcano - The Mother of All Temples in Pura Besakikh, Located on the Slope of the Active Volcano Agung
  • Bali beaches


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