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Training camp on mountaineering on the rocks of S.Bug

Climbing school on the rocks of Southern Bug, Yuzhnoukrainsk

It is recommended for beginners and all comers who plan to make technical ascents to the Matterhorn and other rocky, technical and combined routes in the 2021 season. Experienced instructors will tell and show, and the participants will independently work out the technique of moving around rocks and working with a rope using safety elements

Attention! Training camp can be carried out at any date for a group of 4 people

Tour type:
Expeditions and ascents
Rocks Southern Bug
Easy / Medium
Number of participants:
From 4 people
Spring - Autumn
Start of the program:
Finish program:
3 days
110 USD
Tours dates
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Day 1

Arrival, accommodation in tents under the rocks on the banks of the river Southern.Bug. Familiarization with the area. Before lunch, working out the movement on the rocks. After lunch, work with mountaineering stoppers and  camalots and other safety elements. Organization of stations, knotting, etc.

Day 2

Movement on various types of railings. Descent by a rappel. In the evening, a discussion on the topics - First aid and rescue in the mountains.

Day 3

Movements of ligament participants on a rocky terrain. The interaction between participants and ligaments. The descent of the last participant with the pulling of the rope. Pendulum. Departure late in the evening.


  • The number of days of Training camp can be increased (negotiated in advance)
  • Training camp can be carried out at any date for a group of 4 people
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Rocks of the Yu. Bug River, Yuzhnoukrainsk


The cost of a package of services - from 110 US dollars *

* depends on the number of participants, living conditions ......

Included in the price:

  • special equipment: ropes, stoppers, camalots etc. 
  • gas burners
  • experienced instructor

It is necessary to have: tent, sleeping bag, karemat, harness, helmet, two self-insurance, a clamp Belay Devices, carabines 5 pcs., climbing shoes, insurance

Attention! All technical questions on equipment and questions about meals are negotiated before departure !!!

Questions: How to get there, meeting place, equipment, etc. make a reservation and agree before departure

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