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Trekking Cedros, Alpamayo, Vaqueria. Peru

Trekking Cedros, Alpamayo, Vaqueria

The  route  Los  Cedros  -  Alpamayo  is  one  of  the  most  spectacular Trekking routes of the Peruvian Andes, located on the north side of the Cordillera Blanca. In this Trekking you can see the Cullicocha lake and mountains such as the Santa Cruz, the North face of the Alpamayo in the shape of a pyramid, the Quitaraju, the Chacraraju, the Huascaran, the Huandoy and others. Organize your Trekking with us and live a unique experience. 

Tour type:
Hiking and trekking
Cordillera Blanca, Andes
Number of participants:
From 2 participants
Maximum height:
4850 m
June - August
Start of the program:
Huaraz (Lima)
Finish program:
Huaraz (Lima)
13 days
1 285 USD
Tours dates
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Day 1

Arrival in Lima at night (sleep in hotel)

Day 2

Travel from Lima to Huaraz in the morning by Bus or Plane (sleep in hotel)

Day 3

Acclimatization day- Churup Lake. We’ll leave from Huaraz city towards east, passing through villages as Unchus and Llupa, up to the place called Pitec (3860 m), where we have to pay the entrance fee at the Huascaran National Park control post, then start hiking in an ascending path, observing mountains as Huamashraju, Cashan and Shacsha also crop fields can be seen. This place houses a diversity of flora and fauna such as the wild duck, plants with healing properties and quenual tree forests. To reach this lake we have to climb rocks helped by a steady metal rope, ideal for those who love the adventure or take other path less challenging. Churup is a  beautiful  blue  lake  one  of  the  most  frequently  visited,  surrounded  by  Ichu grass, Quenual trees, wild flowers, etc. thereґs also a smaller lake on the east side  for  those  who  want  to  continue  hiking,  both  lakes  are  right  below  the mountain with the same name, then return to Huaraz city.

Day 4

Huaraz - Caraz - Hualcayan (3150 m). We’ll  leave  from  Huaraz  city  towars  north  of  Callejon  de  Huaylas,  passing through  cities  as  Carhuaz,  Yungay  and  Caraz,  following  the  Rio  Santa  and observing  part  of  the  Cordillera  Blanca  and  Cordillera  Negra,  making  short stops. After having lunch we’ll go to the Hualcayan village, where weґll camp, in this place there are small Arqueological remains as burial constructions or Chullpas. The trekking starts here, we’ll walk up in a zig-zag path, with a panoramic view of landscapes as the hills of the Cordillera Blanca and the Rio Santa below and in the distance colorful fields, then reach the Huishcash campsite (Vizcacha in spanish), place with a stunning sunset. About 5 to 6 hours. 

Day 5

Huishcash - Osoruri Pass (4850 m) - Osoruri (4550 m). Few minutes of the trekking we can appreciate the Milluacocha mountain (5480 m)  as  well  as  the  Yanacocha  and  Azulcocha  lakes,  then  we’ll  reach  the Cullicocha lake with a beautiful view of Santa Cruz mountain (6259 m), and ascend  to  the  Osoruri  Pass,  from  this  point  we  can  observe  the  Cordillera Rosco or Champara, after descending we’ll reach the Osoruri campsite. About 5 to 6 hours. 

Day 6

Osoruri - Vientuna Pass (4750 m) - Jancarurish (4250 m). We’ll walk in an ascending path to the Vientuna Pass, then descend in a zig-zag path, from the distancia we can see Pre-inca cultivation terraces, and the Alpamayo village, where the population dedicates to farming, then we’ll pass through the Ruinapampa Campsite, where it’s visible Arqueological remains, and reach the Jancarurish campsite, from where we can observe the imposing mountains  as  Tayapampa  (5675  m),  Jancarurish  (5578  m),  and  the famous Alpamayo  (5947 m, known as the most beautiful mountain in the world). About 5 to 6 hours.

Day 7

Rest day. It’s always recomended to visit the Jancarurish lake and the Base Camp of the Alpamayo (5947 m) and Quitaraju (6040 m) mountains, from this place we have views of mountains such as Abasraju (5765 m) and Santa Cruz (6259 m), then return to campsite.

Day 8

Jancarurish - Cara Cara Pass (4830 m) - Huillcapampa (4000 m). We’ll  pass  through  small  lakes,  and  observe  for  last  time  the  mountains  as Tayapampa  (5675  m),  Jancarurish  (5578  m),  Alpamayo  (5947  m), Quitaraju (6040 m), Abasraju (5765 m) and  Santa Cruz (6259 m), then ascend to the Cara Cara Pass, from where we observe the Pilanco mountain (5300  m)  and  descend  through  the  Moyobamba  Valley,  belonging  to Conchucos zone, and ascend again to Moyobamba Pass (4500 m), from this pass we observe the Pucajircas mountains (6050 m) and the northeast face of  Alpamayo  mountain,  and  finally  descen  through  Tayapampa  Valley  and reach the campsite in Huillcapampa.  About 6 to 7 hours. 

Day 9

Huillcapampa - Yanajanca Pass (4650 m) - Jancapampa (3500 m). We’ll  walk  in  an  ascending  path  through  Yanta  Queсua  Valley  and  reach the Yanajanca  Pass,  then  descend  through  Laurel  Valley  and  visit  the Sactaycocha lake, and reach the Jancapamapa campsite, from where we can observe mountains as Taulliraju (5830 m) and Pucajircas (6050 m), with the presence of many kids. About 5 to 6 hours.

Day 10

Jancapampa - Tupa Tupa Pass (4400 m) - Huecrococha (4100 m). After  passing  through  Pingospampa  Village,  we’ll  ascend  to  the  Tupa  Tupa Pass,  from  where  we  observe  part  of  the  Cordillera  Blanca,  then  descend through Pingospampa Valley up to the Huecrococha lake, where we’ll camp, observing the Pucaraju mountain (5090 m). About 5 to 6 hours.

Day 11

Huecrococha - Alto Pucaraju Pass (4650 m) - Paria Valley (3870 m). From the Alto Pucaraju Pass we’ll observe mountains as Taulliraju (5830 m), Rinrijirca  (5810  m),  Artesonraju  (6025  m),  Paria  (5600  m),  Pirбmide (5885  m), Chacraraju  (6112  m),  and  others,  then  reach  the  Paria Campsite. About 5 to 6 hours. 

Day 12

Paria Valley - Vaquerнa (3750 m) - Portachuelo Pass (4767 m) - Huaraz (Hotel, Pachamanca dinner) - Lima at night (exit hotel). This  day  we’ll  pass  through  the  Picturesque  village  of  Huaripampa,  with  the presence of kids asking for candies, pens, matches, and others, from this place we have the spectacular view of the Southeast face of Chacraraju (6112 m). We’ll  also  pass  through the  Yanachaca  village,  and  walk  up  to  the  Vaqueria village,  where  our  private  van  will  be  waiting  to  take  us  back  to  Huaraz  city. We’ll ascend by van through the Morococha valley, observing the Morocochas lakes, as well as mountains as Chopicalqui (6354 m) and Yanapaccha (5460 m), and reach the Portachuelo Pass, from this point we have the wonderful views of mountains as the South peak  of Huandoy (6160 m), Pisco (5752 m),  and  the  North  peak  (6655  m)  and  the  South  peak  (6768  m) of   Huascaran,  in  the  distance  we  can  observe  the  beautiful  lakes  of Orconcocha  (male  lake)  and  Chinancocha  (female  lake)  in  the  Llanganuco valley, then descend and finally pass through these beautiful lakes. Then return to Huaraz city. Hotel, Pachamanca dinner

Day 13

Departure from Huaraz  to Lima and Lima - Home. Possible overnight in Lima!!

Note: After the ascent, we are ready to offer you a vacation on the coast of the ocean, lakes and various excursion programs in Peru - Read



Lima - Huaraz (3052 m) - Churup (Lake 4450 m) - Huaraz  - Caraz - Hualcayan (3150 m) - Osoruri Pass (4850 m) - Osoruri (4550 m) - Vientuna Pass (4750 m) - Jancarurish (4250 m) - Cara Cara Pass (4830 m) - Huillcapampa (4000 m) - Yanajanca Pass (4650 m) - Jancapampa (3500 m) - Tupa Tupa Pass (4400 m) - Huecrococha (4100 m) - Alto Pucaraju Pass (4650 m) - Paria Valley (3870 m) - Vaqueria (3750 m) - Portachuelo Pass (4767 m) - Huaraz - Lima


The cost of the full package of services -  from 1285 USD*

* cost for a group of 8 people or more

  Service with tents Service without tents 
Cost per person   1400 1285



  • Pick  up  at  Lima  Airport  (by  our  personal)  and  transfer  to  the  bus station or Hotel (taxi service must be paid by client).
  • Meals: Breakfast, box lunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner during the expedition.
  • Private  Transport:  to  different  starting  and  ending  point  of  the expedition.
  • Experienced  Climbing  Guides  certified  by  the  UIAGM/IFMGA  or Offical Guides or Trekking Guides certified UIMLA.
  • Cook. 
  • Cook Assistant (from 6 customers) 
  • Donkey drivers. 
  • Donkies. 
  • Camping  equipment:  Sleeping  tents,  Kitchen  tents,  Dinning  tents, Bathroom tent, Mattress, practical table and chairs, etc. 
  • Kitchen kit: Plates, pots, tea pot, frying pot, spoons, knife, cups, etc. 
  • Huascaran National Park entrance fee.
  • Basic first aid kit. 
  • One day hike (Acclimatization day – Churup or Willcacocha lake).
  • PACHAMANCA  the  last  day  of  the  expedition  (typical  food  of  the Peruvian Andes) from company.

Not Included:

  • Taxes
  • Soft and alcoholic drinks. 
  • Personal clothing and equipment. 
  • Travel, personal, and medical insurance.
  • International flight. 
  • Hotel (we can make reservations if clients want it so, extra payment). 
  • Extra charge for luggages. 
  • Laundry. 
  • Reconfirmation of flights. 
  • Food during stay in Huaraz city. 
  • Sleeping bags.
  • Transport from Huaraz to Lima or Lima Huaraz.
  • Mountain equipment (it can be rented in Huaraz city).
  • Tips.

Brief information on the area and route

Peru (Republic of Peru) is a country in South America, on the territory of which the tropical forests of the Amazon and Machu Picchu are located - the ancient Inca city on the top of the Andes mountain range. The area around Machu Picchu, where the Urubamba Valley is located (another name is the Sacred Valley of the Incas), the Inca Trail and the colonial city of Cusco, famous for its archaeological sites. The capital is the city of Lima. The territory of Peru can be divided into three regions, differing in the nature of the terrain, climate, flora and fauna.

  • In the west, along the Pacific coast, stretched a narrow strip of desert coastal plains (Costa). The largest deserts are Atacama and Sechura.
  • East is located the mountain belt of the Andes - Sierra. The highest point is Mount Huascaran (6,768 meters); In total, Peru has more than three dozen mountain peaks with a height of more than 6,000 meters.
  • To the east is the Amazonian lowland (selva) - the territory of tropical rain forests.

Huaraz is a city in Peru, the administrative center of the Ancash department. Located in the valley Callejon de Huaylas, on the river Santa, in the central part of the region, at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level. The population is 120,000 people, 407 kilometers north of Lima, the Pan-American Highway passes through the city.

Alpamayo (isp. Nevado Alpamayo) - a pyramidal mountain, about 5947 m meters high,  covered with ice with very steep slopes (about 60 degrees) in the northernmost mountain range of the Cordillera Blanca, Santa Cruz Massif. It has two peaks, South and North, separated by a narrow cornice. In July 1966, a photograph taken by Lei Ortenburger, was published in the German magazine Alpinismus. After that, the mountain of Alpamayo was called "The most beautiful mountain peak in the world." First ascent: 1951

Santa Cruz is a mountain in the Cordillera Blanca in the Andes of Peru; in the area of Santa Cruz, Huaylas, Ancash. It has a height of 6259 meters. First ascent: July 20, 1948

High mountain passes: Osoruri Pass (4850 m), Cara Cara Pass (4830 m), Vientuna Pass (4750 m), other.

Additional Information

  • Children under 14 years old are allowed on the route only when accompanied by adults.
  • The host party has the right to change the route according to weather conditions and group conditions
  • The cost of the voucher does not include: additional excursions, transfers outside the program, environmental fees, etc.
  • It is possible to provide additional services by prior arrangement: additional transfers, personal equipment hire, hotel booking, recreation, etc.

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