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Hike to Big Thach in the winter. Russia

Hike to Big Thach in the winter

Do you want to see with your own eyes an old knight's castle? In the winter season, Mount Big Thach is majestic and monumental. Going with us on a hike and climbing to the peak of Bolshoi Thach (2368.4 m), you will be rewarded with amazing panoramas of the mountains and valleys of Adygea!

* The tour is held weekly from 01/12/2020 to 12/26/2020

Tour type:
Hiking and trekking
From North
Number of participants:
From 4 to 12 people
Maximum height:
2368,4 m
All year round
Start of the program:
Krasnodar city
Finish program:
7 days
310 USD
Tours dates
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Day 1

Group gathering: Krasnodar city, Station square 1, monument to Lenin at 9.00. Transfer Krasnodar city - Novoprokhladny settlement. On the way, we admire the beauties of the Hadzhokh gorge from the car window. Acquaintance with the instructor. Getting food, group equipment, safety training. Drop off-road to the beginning of the route - the Kuna River Valley. We go along the valley of the Kuna River. We admire the snowy slopes of the mountains. Installation of a campground before climbing to the Koryto ridge.

Day 2

Climbing the path to the Koryto ridge. Furry tree branches hang over the path, majestic spruce trees stand in the snow. We leave to the farce Jubilee. Here we are waiting for the warmth of the stove and a delicious lunch. After lunch, we will have a radial exit to Mount Koryto. Daily route length - 5.74 km
Day 3

We go along the Slesarny ridge to the Shestakov glade. On the way we are waiting for magnificent views of the mountains of Adygea and the Krasnodar Territory. The snow-capped peaks of the plateau Lago-Naki, Big and Small Thachei beckon and bewitch. Snow sparkles in the sun, hiding in a haze of fog, creating a unique atmosphere. In Shestakov’s shed we have a second overnight stay. Here is a large chopped house in which can accommodate up to 10 (ten) people. There is a spring near the path. A well with spring water does not freeze even in frosty winters. We collect gorse. We drown the stove. Boil tea. It turns out with a slight haze and the smell of fir cones.
If we are lucky, then next to the house we can see a family of weasels, they are called "rat-dogs" in the local one. Shurshat, mice are busy in the twilight of the shed of a mouse: Shura and Seva. After dinner, do not forget to feed the mice with bacon. Daily route - 13.85 km

Day 4

Today we have the most stressful day. We are going to traverse, past the slopes of the Small and Big Thaches in the farce Vetrenny. Here, from the foot of Small Thach, a magnificent panorama of Acheshbokov, the Bambaki plateau and the mountain ranges of the Herzen ridge opens. Lost in a foggy haze, somewhere on the horizon the main peak of the Krasnodar Territory is visible - Mount Tsakhvoa (3346 m). In clear, frosty, clear weather, from the lintel between Thachs, you can see the highest peak in Europe - the proud Elbrus (5642 m). Daily route - 7.89 km

Day 5

Today we have planned a radial exit to the peak of Big Thach (2368.4 m) and descent into the valley of the Sakhra River. Early rise, before dawn. We leave on the trail. Snow crunches underfoot. Light frost keeps the nature and participants of the campaign in good shape. We meet the dawn on the top and quickly and quickly descend into the Veteran shed. Climbing Bolshoi Thach will take place only in the complete absence of avalanche danger. Dinner. Re going. Descent into the valley of the Sahra River. Today we have the last night in the forest. On the bank of the Sahra we set up a camp. The daily length of the route is 18.52 km

ATTENTION!!! Climbing Bolshoi Thach will take place only in the complete absence of avalanche danger.

Day 6

We get down to the village Novoprokhladny. A few fords await us along the way. Do not forget the replacement shoes. Accommodation in a guest house in the village. Hot bath. Tasty dinner. Debriefing. We share our impressions. we admire ourselves and comrades. We admire the pictures taken. Daily route - 14.82 km

Day 7

Krasnodar - Novoprokhladny  - Kuna valley - Koryto ridge - farce Yubileiny - Slesarny ridge - Shestakova glade - Shestakova hut - Small Tkhach traverse (2238 m) - Big Tkhach traverse (2368 m) - Vetrerenny hut - the peak of Big Tchan - Novoprokhladny

The cost of a package of services - from 23760.00 Russian rubles * (USD / RRF rate = 77)

* Payment is made in Russian rubles !!!

* For a group of 4 people or more

The cost of a package of services - from 71280.00 Russian rubles **

** With a group of 1-3 people


  • Transfer from the railway station of Krasnodar to the village of Novoprokhladny and back.
  • Accommodation in a guest house in the village of Novoprokhladny (or in a hotel in the city of Krasnodar).
  • Bathhouse (sauna). Drop off-road vehicles.
  • Food on the route.
  • Group equipment rental.
  • Stay in a nature reserve, national park and border zone.
  • Services of an instructor-guide.
  • Accident insurance.

Not included:

  • additional excursions
  • transfers outside the program



  • In winter, the route is snowshoeing.
  • Climbing Bolshoi Thach will take place only in the complete absence of avalanche danger.

Brief information on the area

The nature park "Big Thach" for many years exists in the Republic of Adygea. It pleases travelers with its nature. The unique landscape, proximity to the Caucasian reserve make it a favorite place to visit at any time of the year. The nature of Bolshoi Thach will make you take a new look at travels, feel the romance and comfort of the forest zone and the beauty of the boundless views opening from ancient ridges.

Winter Thach is a mystery of warm booths, crackling of a stove on a long blazy evening, the beauty of white sparkling snow and
the grandeur of the stone giants - Big and Small Thache. The mountains of Adygea in winter are not predictable. Most of the route is carried out on snowshoes, but sometimes there is so little snow that there is a real opportunity to go this route without the use of special equipment.

Route Specifications

  • The total length of the route is 60.82 km
  • Daily climb - 1798.3 m
  • Mark the beginning of the route - 1394 m
  • Mark the end of the route - 540 m

Requirements for Tour Participants

  • To participate in the tour requires a good physical shape, the absence of medical contraindications for mountain hiking. Previous hiking experience is desirable.
  • Group size from 4 to 12 people
  • Minimum age of participants 12 years
  • Only adults are allowed on the route

Additional information

  • Pay attention to the selection of equipment. Hike takes place in extreme conditions.
  • The host office has the right to change the route according to weather conditions and the condition of the group
  • The price does not include: additional excursions, transfers outside the program, environmental fees, etc.
  • It is possible to provide additional services by prior arrangement: transfer: airport (railway station) - hotel; rental of personal equipment; hotel reservation; recreation in the mountains or on the Black Sea

What is included in group public equipment
Tents, main ropes, communications, gas cylinders or gasoline, burners, a first-aid kit, cooking utensils, etc.

Take with you:

  • Warm jacket; ski cap;
  • fleece gloves;
  • shoe covers on legs;
  • waterproof and windproof jacket and trousers;
  • tracksuit;
  • sleeping bag (comfort temperature -15 degrees or two ordinary sleeping bags);
  • polyurethane foam mat;
  • trekking shoes;
  • interchangeable shoes for ford and camp (sneakers);
  • backpack 80-100l;
  • a seater;
  • trekking poles;
  • snowshoes;
  • rain cape on yourself and on a backpack;
  • sun protection: panama, cream (SPF 50+ or ​​full block), glasses;
  • work gloves;
  • mug, spoon, bowl, knife (KLMN);
  • thermos or flask for water with a total volume of 1 l .;
  • headlamp (spare batteries);
  • individual first-aid kit.
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